While Australia features a variety of great sites that will demand a camera, did you also know that some of the biggest movies ever made were filmed in the great land down under?

You will for sure want to make sure you pay a visit to some of these great sites:

•    Science fiction fans will love to know that The Matrix, staring Keanu Reaves was filmed all over the city of Sydney.  One famous scene was filmed at Adam St Bridge in Chinatown.

•    If you were a fan of the famous Great Gatsby you should know that the Gatsby Mansion is actually the International College of Management, located in Manly.

•    The romantic comedy Fools Gold that was originally set to be filmed in the Caribbean got moved to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef along the Queensland coast due to weather problems.

•    The famous children’s book known as Charlotte’s Web was shot in Greendale within the country of Victoria. Definitely a classic for any family with young children!

•    Where the Wild Things Are was filmed in a bunch of different locations around Australia including Bushrangers Bay, Victoria.

•    Hugh Jackman fans will love to know that Wolverine was shot in various Australian towns including Parramatta, which was temporarily turned into a Japanese town with Japanese signage for the film.

•    The famous family kids movie Babe from the mid 1990s was filmed within the countryside and green farming land of Robertson New South Wales.

•    The romantic movie Murial’s Wedding will for sure give you a taste of Australia. This blockbuster starring Toni Collette travels all throughout the country’s east coast including Sydney with Darling Harbour, Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast and Hamilton Island.

•    Australia even had a role in Superman! The 2006 Superman Returns featuring Kevin Spacey utilized the Rivendell Mental Health Facility as Lex Luthor’s luxurious mansion.

Australia isn’t done with its Hollywood blockbuster fame either. The New Alien and Thor Marvel movies are scheduled to be filmed in Australia with production locations yet to be announced.

As you can see Australia isn’t just about its great food and attractions, it is also home to many blockbuster movies we have seen either on the big screen or from our comfy sofa at home.

Why not rent a car and firsthand visit where some of these great works of motion picture were created!