Although most people buy and wear sunglasses as a stylish accessory for their wardrobe, they can play an important role in protecting your eyes. Sunglasses can be worn at the beach or on the ski slopes to keep your eyes from being exposed to bright sunlight, glare and ultra-violet (UV) rays. If you've been shopping for sunglasses, you may have seen them with different coloured lenses, which are used for different activities.

Coloured Sunglass Lenses

Sunglasses come in many different lens colours including grey, green, yellow, blue, brown and red. While some people will buy them for aesthetic reasons, each lens colour serves to protect your eyes and offers benefits unique to that colour of lens.

Green Lenses

Sunglasses with green lenses can be worn on most days, whether sunny or not, and for most outdoor activities. When you wear green lenses, they help with colour perception and can reduce glare, but also they help brighten any shadows that are present. They also can help to provide good contrast when there is low light, so if you are playing golf on a cloudy day or near dusk, you will be able to see the course better with these lenses.

Brown Lenses

These lenses are good for using on most days as well, but especially on sunny or partly cloudy days. They help to enhance contrast, which can make things like tennis or golf balls easier to see, and they contain an element of red that helps to improve your depth perception.

Yellow Lenses

The only time you may see these is when people are participating in shooting sports or for skiing. Yellow lenses can make things clearer on foggy or hazy days or at times when the available light is low. They are also good for people who sit in front of a computer all day as they filter out blue light and thus can prevent eye fatigue and headaches.

Blue Lenses

Blue lenses are often found on sunglasses worn by skiers or other people who like winter sports. These lenses help to reduce the glare of the sun and help to define contours as well. Blue sunglass lenses also can help make colours easier to recognise when you are outside.

Red Lenses

Red, or pink, lenses offer a greater amount of contrast than any other colour of lenses. They also help improve visual depth and are good for driving sports or skiing because they will provide good visibility of the road or trail you're on. This colour can also help reduce eye strain, which will subsequently help to prevent headaches.

Grey Lenses

Grey lenses are probably the most common sunglass lens colour and they are good for most purposes. They help to minimise the glare of the sun, especially when it plays off water. Also, they also help to reduce eye fatigue. When you wear them, you can see colours easily because grey lenses provide true colour perception.

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