When visiting Tasmania, Australia’s only island state you will most likely have little down time. This island is full of fun things to do. From incredible yachting to the hiking at the National Park, people from all over and at any age will have the time of their life when visiting this island, equivalent in size to West Virginia.

In addition though, to all the traditional great outdoor activities available you may also want to take in some amazing, not-available anywhere else off-road adventures.


Here are some ideal spots to get 4-wheeling:


·      The Kookaburra Ridge Quad Bike Tours can provide riders of all skill levels with a true Tasmanian bush adventure. These one and a half hour tours gives riders the ability to ride an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) through hidden gullies and across open pastures. You won’t want to get off!


·      At Flinders Island Quad Tours, riders will experience a wild, natural and friendly adventure within Flinders Island and its beaches. Suitable for teens and adults of all abilities this unique experience will never be forgotten!


·      Silver Ridge Retreat offers quad bike adventures rides conducted by Mt Roland Quad Bikes. During these tours you will be guided through the sub-alpine bush and farmland with the ability to enjoy a variety of terrain and wildlife up close and personal!


·      All4Adenture allows riders to take intimate adventure tours within the east coast seaside town of Coles Bay. Here you will get to enjoy exhilarating riding, scenic lookouts and beautiful destinations you wouldn’t elsewhere be able to see. Family-friendly, this is an ideal destination for a great group outing.


If you have your own ATV or Side-By-Side, Tasmania also has some great spots set aside to ride independently for recreation. Many of these locations offer places to camp as well as ideal locations for family day trips.


Some great spots for this include Southern Forests in South Central Tasmania, Mt Jukes on the east coast and Montezuma Falls on the west side of the island.


As ATVs aren’t street legal within Tasmania you will want to rent a truck or other vehicle with

4-wheel drive from a reputable company such as Budget Trucks to help transport it to your riding destination.

You will also want to wash your vehicle ahead of time. This will make it easier to check over the 4-wheeler before you ride as well as help prevent the transfer of weed seeds and fungal diseases from one place to another.  In addition, you will want to check to make sure the lights are in working order and all the nuts are tight. Lastly, you will want to make sure you have the ideal clothing on while riding. This includes a helmet and gloves. By creating a checklist ahead of time will help prevent a potentially serious accident or injury.


Tasmania is for sure an ideal destination for people young and old. It has beautiful sights and a ton of fun outdoor things to do. Next time, take your experience to a new level by participating in an incredible ATV ride this great island has to offer.