want it free ? just enter the voucher code word "FREE" at check out for free minimum days why relocate a campervan? why not? as relocations are a last minute and heavily discounted one way services for the traveller who just needs to get from point A to point B (example Cairns to Sydney)! Therefore from a $1 a day and some with include fuel and expenses paid that means your travel is cheap!!! What do i need to know? The FAQ's Relocations are for the traveller who from $1 a day, just wants to get to the next place, is flexible with departure and arrival dates. Therefore if you cannot see a relocation for your preferred dates and locations, unfortunately it means the relocation is not available. So why not join our WAITING LIST and be the first to know when a campers available. Age: All drivers must be 21 years and over and hold a valid, current and full (i.e. non-provisional) car driverís licence. All licences must be in English. If the licence is not in English, either an International driver's licence or a certified translation must accompany the original licence. Locations: unfortunately we cannot split up relocations. So if you see a Cairns to Sydney relocation, we cannot change this to Cairns to Brisbane, for example. Return Date: The return date is the very last date you can return the vehicle. There are no exceptions, as the vehicle will most likely be going out on a normal hire the next day (or day after). And just read and comply with our terms and conditions as it saves disappointments for the both of us ! So whats the catch? Nothing... just make sure you tell your mates about your ultimate road trip with RELOC8IT Note ! pictures utalised and displayed are for visual purposes only and may not represent the operator vehicle type apollo campervans apollo campervans relocations apollo campervans cairns apollo campervans townsville apollo campervans whitsundays