Spending your holidays in Australia can mean only one thing: you are in for a wonderful time. In order to maximize your fun while getting the most out of your holidays, you may be interested in the following travel hacks. These useful tips and tricks could even help you save some serious cash.

Make sure you're getting the best price

There's a little known trick to booking flights that can potentially save you a significant amount on airfare. When you find the flight you want to take, go ahead and go through the entire booking process online. When you get to the "seat selection" portion, you'll be able to see how many seats remain unsold on the flight.

If there are a lot of open seats, the chances the airline will slash the prices in order to sell out the flight increase. In that case, go ahead and get out of the booking process. Keep your eye on the prices in the upcoming days and be ready to spring into action once prices drop.

Consider travelling on off-peak days for better prices.

Get the best deal on your accommodation

If you plan to stay in a hotel, be sure to book as early as possible. Hotels tend to give their best rates to travellers who book early. The time of day can make a difference, as well. Around 6 pm is when any blocked rooms that had been reserved for tour groups will get released to the public.

Of course, hotels aren't your only options for inexpensive stays. A quick search online through a service like this one can yield multiple affordable options for holiday rentals or even house sitting arrangements.

Visit the tourist board

Most of the tourist boards in whichever town you will be visiting will have a number of discount cards to local attractions, freebies, and special coupons available that you can use at local restaurants that they will be happy to give you.

Keep a copy of your important documents on your phone

Important documents like passports and visas do, unfortunately, get misplaced from time to time. You can take a photograph of these things before you leave home so you'll have a copy available in case you need it. It goes without saying, however, that you should have a password lock on your phone.

Join as many loyalty programs as you can

Hotels, airlines, and rental car companies all love to reward loyal customers. Even if it's your first time staying in a hotel, it can pay to join their loyalty club. Likewise, airlines often offer perks to their loyalty club members. In the case of long layovers of flight delays, you may even be able to relax in the club's lounge.

Pro tips for packing

Learning to pack like a pro will save you countless headaches while giving you more room in your luggage for souvenirs. To begin, lay out everything you want to take with you on the floor. Now comes the hard part. You will need to get rid of at least one third of everything. It sounds radical, but you'll be glad you did. No one ever wears all the clothes they take and fewer clothes means more room for fun souvenirs.

Now stuff all of your socks and underwear inside of your shoes. This will help your nice shoes maintain their shape while freeing up valuable space in your suitcase. Arrange them heel to toe and create a foundation layer in the bottom of your suitcase. Fill in all of the little gaps with smaller, soft items like t-shirts.

If you are travelling during colder times and need to pack bulkier items like a heavy coat, jeans, suits and dresses, you will want to arrange them flat with the ends sticking out of the suitcase. When you run out of clothes, begin folding them into the suitcase. This will minimize the wrinkles.