Banh mi, Vietnam (the world’s best sandwich)

Banh Mi, Vietnam

Banh mi made from wheat flour. It is very diverse, you can eat with vegetables and spices very rich.

Moreover you can enjoy the special dishes of the regions such as Pho Hanoi, Bun Bo Nam Bo (southern beef vermicelli) , Cơm hến (baby basket clams rice) ... when you travel to Vietnam.


Pho Secret Ingredients: Dried Earthworms (Sa Sung)

Unique cuisine in Halong, Vietnam

Other delicious street food

Quesadilla, Mexico

You just need cheese with pone crust and roasted on the fire then you have Quesadilla. However, in restaurants or sidewalk stalls, besides cheese, quesadillas are also included many food and spices such as pork sausage, mushrooms, garlic, beans, fried pig skin, chicken or beef stew. .. and then fried or grilled on charcoal.

Currywurst, Germany

Currywurst is considered to be a wonderful dish. It is made from two pork sausages, served with tomato sauce and curry powder. This dish is served with French fries.

Pork Satay, Thailand

Pork Satay, Thailand

Pork Satay is one of the street food is recognized as the best in Thailand. Pork is marinated with lemongrass, shallots, garlic, chilli, fish sauce and coconut milk before baking.

Jerk Chicken, Jamaica

Chicken meat is marinated with a secret recipe before baking.

Vada Pav, india

Vada Pav is considered the "burger of the poor". Include mashed potatoes together with spices (mint, coriander and sweet tamarind chutney) and crust is a layer thin flour

Falafel, Israel

Falafel is a very special appetizer, it is suitable for lunch and dinner the family. Taste dishes include bean, cilantro and yogurt sauce.

Chilli Crab, Singapore

Chilli Crab Singapore

The crabs are fried with sweet and sour sauce, tomatoes, eggs and lots of chili.

Arepas, Colombia

The cake made from cornmeal and cheese

Halo-Halo, Philippine

A great dish with red beans, coconut, fruit syrup, cream, condensed milk and ice.

Pau, China

Gimbap, Koria



10 delicious kid-friendly foods of the world

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