If you are thinking about having a great vacation in the sunny state of Queensland, then hiring a campervan is a great way to get around. In today’s world where everyone wants to have a share of comfort and luxury, campervans can really give you the best of two worlds, the freedom to hit the road, and the comfort of having your very own air-conditioned, cooking ready, bathroom equipped mini-home wherever you go. Whether you are traveling on your own, or with your friends and family, hiring a campervan or motor home can really make a trip more fun. But in order to hire the right kind of campervan, you need to have an idea of certain tips that will help you save money and still get a van with everything you need. Getting the right camper for your trip The right camper can make the difference between a dream holiday and a nightmare trip. But, as there are so many agencies that offer campervan rentals these days, you're almost guaranteed to find a vehicle that perfectly matches what you need for a great price, as long as you're willing to hunt for it. If you are going with few fellow travellers, then a campervan with two divided spaces is ideal. Larger motorhomes with three big rooms might even be a sensible choice for large families, when a bit of privacy is required. However, keep in mind that in most cases, rental costs are based on factors such as the number of "rooms" in a campervans, as well as the facilities and amenities that are present and the distance to be covered. These are all things you will need to work out before even talking to a rental company, as changing your needs post-booking can be a costly venture to undertake. However, if you plan well and book early, you can save as much as 5% compared to the price you'd pay by booking in the weeks before you leave. My second tip would be to have an idea of the period of rental. In most cases, the average period of campervan hire is around 5 days, and as such most packages you will find will be set for around five to seven days. In case of peak holiday seasons such as Christmas and Easter, the rental cost of campervans will get higher. One of the best ways to get handy information is to browse the sites of these rental agencies, where you will find all the relevant details regarding the tour packages and related details that are needed. Another tip is to pay close attention to the amenities offered in the campervans you're looking at. Most campervans and motor homes come with facilities such as beds, air conditioners, work stations, and kitchenettes. Some of the campervans even have small balconies. Toilets and portable showers are also common. If you are taking children along, baby seats and cots can also be provided, but these are often an extra cost, and will not be included by default. With these few tips in mind you'll be on your way to finding a great deal on a campervan, and a holiday to remember as a result.