Vacationers are flocking to Florida in file breaking numbers in keeping with latest figures released by Visit Florida. They revealed that the second quarter of 2014 noticed an estimated 24 million vacationers arrive within the Sunshine State.

2014’s second quarter whole surpassed the previous report of 23.3 million set one 12 months previously. Whilst the majority of visitors had been from throughout the US, an estimated 2.8 million arrived from abroad in the course of the document breaking period of this year.

The visitor numbers are anticipated to have been helped by an unusually cold winter in North America and a Google initiative whereby users may virtually tour hundreds of miles of Florida’s beaches.

The Google initiative required 4 men to walk 740 miles of beaches with hand held cameras and has reportedly been used by millions of on-line users.

The often overlooked Emerald Coast in the north west of the state is especially eager to attract more UK visitors and has declared its intentions to draw more in coming years.

Guests to Florida are also prepared to splash the money greater than in previous years in line with Visit Florida. The agency reported that spending rose to $35.7 billion - a rise of 7.4%.

"This year we invested $seventy four million into Go to Florida, and set a objective to have a hundred million guests in the Sunshine State, which we are properly on our option to reaching," stated Governor Rick Scott.

"Collectively we're creating a chance economy, and persevering with to grow more jobs for Floridians with more than 1.1 million people employed in the growing tourism industry."

Estimates for abroad guests additionally projected record figures with Go to Florida estimating that round 2.8 million international guests and over a million Canadians got here to Florida in 2Q.

There were virtually ninety five million guests to Florida in 2013 and Gov. Scott hopes to surpass the one hundred million mark this year.

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