Bali Visa On Arrival
In July 2014 the Visa On Arrival Fee increased to $US35 per person.
In April 2014 the Departure Tax increased to 200,000rp per person

(All Money is quoted in $AUD or IDR converted at $AU1.00 = IDR 10,000)
We have traveled to Bali over a dozen times now and every time we learn something different so I would like to share some of our experiences, what we have seen, hotels and locations and dealing with the people, where to shop and what to avoid.
There is a bit of bad publicity about Bali and even a TV show called "What Really Happens In Bali" that seems to show mainly bad things, generally the accidents here are caused by peoples stupidity, don't be put off by the bad publicity because this stuff "Really Happens" anywhere in the world, would you go walking the streets of Northbridge or Saint Kilda late at night with your kids for example? basically if you want trouble you can find it and equally you can easily avoid it, in all I trips we have never been ripped off or had any trouble of any kind so read on and enjoy. 
I guess the best place to start is booking the trip, this can be a mission in itself, we have used travel agents and booking agents but I have found the best and cheapest way is to build your own holiday and one of the best tools is Trip Adviser click the link and join it's free, you need to be a member to review but not to read reviews but always review as it helps others.
We like reading the bad reviews as they are good for a laugh and you see the stupid things people complain about, you will find plenty of hotels with 3.5 and above star ratings with 100's of reviews so go bar the overall rating and not a couple of bad reviews.
I use Expedia & I Want That Flight, Expedia is great and easier if new to booking online as you get flight and hotel together, With I Want That Flight you book Flight and Hotel separate and sometimes you can get a better deal this way.  
When you get to the result page you can filter by destination (IE Kuta, Sanur, Legion ETC) or price when you see something that appeals then you can review the hotel in trip advisor, a tip here is make sure breakfast is included in the package, if not pick another hotel, some give you an option to upgrade cheap enough.
When reading reviews read a few of the worse ones also, you will find if the hotel has 100+ very good to excellent reviews and only a few poor - terrible the poor & terrible reviews were written by born whingers, look for hotels 3.5 star and above and the quality is much the same, a 3 star Bali hotel would be as good if not better than a 4 star Aussie hotel in my opinion, below 3 star and you are at backpacker quality which is fine if you only want a bed.
Another good tip is try a couple of searches with different amount of days, the last trip we went on was going to be $1500 ($750 each) for 7 days, I changed my arrival day to 1 day later and stayed 8 days and it cost $1200 ($600 Each)
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