When it comes to travelling, everyone envisions their upcoming vacation as something exciting, relaxing, and all things perfect. Unfortunately most people don’t realize that the true reality of their upcoming trip could be them either sitting on the toilet the entire time, attempting to conjure up the right travel documents at the border or even stuck in a foreign country with no wallet or valuables. While no one likes to think about all the potentially horrible things that could happen on a trip, preparing ahead of time and travelling smart can ensure that you never have to live them!

Upset Stomach

Now this is a big one! Upset stomachs on vacations are very common because of a variety of reasons. The main one you hear all the time is about the water (buy bottled!). There are, however, other causes for upset stomach – alcohol and food. You’re on vacation so imbibing a little is something you deserve. However, when you’ve got unfamiliar labels and excess amounts you might spend a bit more time on the toilet then you previously planned. On the flip side, upset stomach from foods can be caused by too many rich foods, or even an allergy! Be careful what you eat and drink and how much, and if something happens, make sure to see a doctor.

Jet Lag

Our internal clock is generally synced up to the time zone we live in, so when you travel to a country five hours ahead, man good luck getting to sleep! That jet lag can last for days as your body struggles to readjust to the new times. Fortunately, some power naps in the afternoon and a bit of caffeine can help your body adjust much faster and keep you going during the day.

Lost Luggage

If you’ve lost your luggage you’ve more than likely got your airline carrier to thank for it. Unfortunately that doesn’t help you as you’re probably stuck at an airport with little more than the clothes on your back. Should you have a particularly long and extensive vacation planned, then you’re going to be in for a rough one getting all of your necessities and clothing. Thankfully, travel insurance usually covers these sort of things. Also, it is smart not to keep all your cash in one place. Also, check out what to do in case the airline lost your bag.

Lost Passport

Your passport is essentially your golden ticket into and out of a country. Unfortunately it is so easy to lose that little valuable document while enjoying a vacation. Relaxing on the beach and hitting up the local bars and hot spots at night can be exciting but all these do not demand you take the passport there with you. Should your passport be lost during your trip then contact your embassy immediately to get steps on what to do next. Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere has a great tip that could save you a lot of trouble: Keep a copy of your passport in the cloud. Scan your passport or take a photo of it and then put it somewhere in the cloud. I keep mine in Gmail so I can access it easily. Hopefully, like many, you’ll find it next to the bed in your hotel room.

Valuables Stolen

OK, so you might not be used to the extent and ‘professionalism’ of pickpocketers in some cities. Which is why you must be super careful, since usually what they take is never found. stolen. Whether it is a wallet or purse containing money and travel documents, or it is a laptop and cell phone, the problem is real and common in many countries. Best way to keep yourself from this is to keep your eyes open, and recognise the usual suspects. Additionally, should someone steal your valuables, contact the local authorities immediately as well as your embassy in case your travel documents were stolen.

While these are only the most common and biggest problems, it is easy to get round them. Be informed and know what to do when things like this happen and you will be able to spend your vacation just the way you planned it.