Australia, aptly known as the Great Southern Land, is a road tripper’s paradise with its wide open spaces, quality roads and a wealth of sights to see wherever in the country one chooses to travel.

Whilst it’d be wonderful to make one’s way across or around the country at a leisurely pace, unfortunately for most travellers planning trans-Australia adventures, time is usually in limited supply which means it’s necessary to plot a road trip route and stick to it as closely as possible.

Sure, you’re going to find many reasons to take detours here and there, though it’s in your best interests to plan a route, though how closely you follow your plans is up to you!

Brisbane to Perth Road Trip

Although the route you take will most likely alter the distances involved – this is why you should plan a road trip route – the distance between Brisbane, the capital of Queensland on the Eastern Seaboard, and Perth, the capital of Western Australia on the western coast of the country is a whopping 4,344.4 km.

This is a mammoth trip to undertake, though one that’s inherently rewarding on so many levels, however, as you can imagine, it’s not only a time consuming trip but also a money consuming trip – you must understand how much it will cost to undertake a trip of this magnitude before you make any concrete plans. However, there are ways to reduce the costs involved, including arranging comfortable motorhome hire in Australia so as to take your accommodation with you wherever you go.

Provided that you have the time and money (lucky you!) you’re about to undertake a road trip that would make many people green, if not sick, with envy.

The Direct Route

The most direct route from Brisbane to Perth is to head southwest from Brisbane into north-western New South Wales, down into southern South Australia, along the coastline and into Western Australia and then follow the highway all the way to Perth.

This is a wonderfully picturesque route, not to mention the shortest, and you also get to take in a superb array of sights including:

Toowoomba, QLD

Many travellers skip Toowoomba because it’s just a few hours from their departure point of Brisbane. However, not only is the city itself lovely for a stopover, but the surrounding countryside is wonderfully picturesque.

Goondiwindi, QLD

Goondiwindi is a popular place to stop for a day en route to Perth. The name is derived from a local Aboriginal language and translates to ‘the resting place of the birds’.

Bourke, NSW

Located on the south bank of the Darling River approximately 800 kilometres northwest of Sydney, Bourke is well worth a visit. Rich in history with an excellent climate, there’s plenty to see and do here.

Broken Hill, NSW

The mining town of Broken Hill is a great place to stay according to travellers; moreover, it boasts a rich history and there’s quite a lot to see and do here if you’re interested in Australia’s mining history.

Leigh Creek, SA

Another mining town, although a much smaller one with a population of less than 600, Leigh Creek makes a delightful stopover.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder, WA

The twin towns of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will probably be one of your last stops before reaching Perth unless you decide to take a detour south to Margaret River, which is highly advisable. With a population of over 31,000 and an immensely interesting history, Kalgoorlie-Boulder boasts some great pubs and is a very pretty place to spend a few days.

What’s left to say? It’s time to start planning!