If you prefer a magical as well as an enjoyable vacation, then Orlando, Florida is one of the best places to visit. Orlando comes with a great weather with many different different holidaymakerdestinations and attractions. Because of this, it is preferable that you plan ahead toyour Orlando day at increasethe time you're there. There are many events and festivals are taking place around whole USA in year 2014, out of those the most famous are the Orlando Events that includes walt disney world marathon 2014, Monster Jam Orlando 2014, City Walk Christmas celebration, Harry potter Event, Independence Day Orlando 2014 and Orlando Folk Festival. Apart from this there are couple of popular events of New York , Lunar New Year Parade and New Year Eve celebration at Times Square. For those who want to be sure that they leave absolutely nothing to chance with regards to their Orlando trip, then planning the trip per year before your projected flight schedule makessense. You can definitely start querying the major search engines for keywords like “Orlando Flights 2014” today. Shopping PlusMore Shopping! Orlando is a superb area for a shopping spree. Thespot is full of fun and amazing delicacies stores, souvenir shops, restaurant, hotels and novelty shops. It is important to prepareyourself since it is almostimpossible tocover every one of the great spots and shops in case you have asmall vacation time. However, it is possible to pick thosethat “speak” for your requirements making those destinations a high priority. Theme Parks And Much More Recreational Areas! Orlando may be the regardedas the theme park capital worldwide. One popular amusement park isthe Universal Orlando Resort. The amusement park providesan action-packed adventure with its restaurants, hotels, resorts, exhibits and state of the art amusement park rides. Thecomplete area is in fact two recreational areas rolled into one. There exists Universal Studio Florida, then there is beautifulhawaii of risk. Orlando is the home of the Disney! If your household desireto experience the joy of favorite anecdotes and meet characters like Mickey Mouse and friends, Shrek and Fuana, Sleeping Beauty and Bright White and also the seven dwarves forstarters, then this is the place to be. Walt Disney World includes when using four theme parks and two water parks that supply many fun and crazy rides, museums, hotels, parades, shows, and much more! Should you be in Orlando, then you certainly mustnot miss it. The themes parks are really a fun spotto be. However, to be sure that your self will have a good time, you have to plan ahead. Start researching aboutthe specific days whenthe parks are not that crowded and schedule to go to the parks on those dates so you can take advantage of the rides and attractions forthe fullest. Furthermore, purchaseyour tickets in advance, so there is no need to fall in-line and waste time in the theme park.