Where to Stay When in Melbourne on Business

Melbourne is a favorable destination for anyone who would like to go on a business trip considering the fact that it's a vital investment and business hub of Australia. It boasts of a highly sustainable economy that supports growth of various businesses and industries. Also, if you are a business or corporate traveller look no further, since Melbourne boasts of a pool of highly talented and skilled professionals who you can consult while on your business trip.

Perhaps it is important to point out that Melbourne is a sophisticated or rather a world-class city that offers a wide variety of accommodation options to suit your corporate needs. In fact, the best thing with Melbourne is that corporate travellers can choose from a range of luxury hotels, budget motels and quality self-contained serviced apartments. However, the only way you can make the most out of your business trip to this city is by selecting the right accommodation.

1. Hotels

The city of Melbourne was recently voted as one of the most popular destinations with the best accommodation. This can be attributed to the fact that the city hosts a long list of hotels with several useful amenities like conference rooms and executive meeting venues ideal for small to medium businesses.


Hotels are usually very ideal for either short or long term accommodation requirements. Some luxury hotels offer accommodation at somewhat cheaper rates. Actually, if you would like to save time and energy of having to drive to conference venues located within the city, hotel accommodation will surely make the best option.


While it is true that hotels in Melbourne offer a perfect environment for a business traveler, staying at one can be quite expensive. For instance, some hotels charge a minimum of $100 per night.

2. Serviced and Corporate apartments

These apartments make the best accommodation option for people who go to Melbourne on a business trip on a budget. They are usually less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms, especially for business trips that last for weeks, or even months. In fact, a good number of serviced apartments offer spacious, flexible and cost effective accommodation alternative compared to restrictive luxury hotel rooms.


More space

This is one of the biggest upside with serviced apartments, especially if you're on a long business trip in Melbourne and just need a place to unwind after a day of work. On average you can expect to enjoy 30 percent more space than an equivalent standard of hotel. For instance, you may choose up to 3 bedroom apartment, with separate living room and a full-functioning kitchen.

Price (cost effective)

Travel budgets have recently become a subject of intense pressure, but if you are planning to travel to Melbourne on business trip, then it would be a prudent idea to rent serviced apartments since they offer excellent value for your money. Basically, you can also benefit from reduced price/per night.

Offer a convenient configuration for group travel

Unlike hotels, serviced apartments are more spacious, and hence offer a convenient configuration for group travel. This means that if you are on a business trip to Melbourne as a group from one company, the best way to cut on costs while ensuring privacy and space is by renting a serviced apartment instead of the expensive hotel accommodation.


As much as it's pretty obvious that serviced apartments make a great accommodation option in Melbourne, these commercial properties are valued differently. Also, occupancy is not always guaranteed.

3. Motels

The city of Melbourne has numerous motels with features that are very ideal for liaising with clients. Just like some Melbourne's luxury hotels, motels offer the convenience of transport to meeting venues and conference rooms.


A good number of motels in Melbourne offer free services like complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access. Also, the best thing with motel accommodation is mainly based on the fact that it provides rooms which are reasonably priced, for instance, Biz Motel Melbourne.


Motel accommodation is usually somewhat expensive compared to renting a serviced apartment. Additionally, occupancy is not always guaranteed.

Final thoughts

Evidently, there are several accommodation options for people who go to Melbourne on business trips. However, a budget friendly option will not only help you save on accommodation expenses, but also it enables you to make the most out of your trip, for the benefit of your business.