It can difficult for a couple to decide on the perfect wedding location for their big day. There’s just so much to think about. It has to be big enough to accommodate a large number of guests, as well as being lavish and comfortable enough to keep them entertained.  It has to look good in the photographs and it has to be a location that you’ll always hold dear. The vast majority of couples like to revisit the region in which they married, so it’s also got to be a great place to take a holiday. 

Fortunately, there are hundreds of amazing wedding locations dotted throughout the UK – everything from castles, to country houses, medieval ruins and even 16th century barn conversions. The modern wedding has well and truly left the local parish – these days, fewer and fewer people are choosing to tie the knot in their own towns or villages. Here’s a guide to the best places to get married in the UK. 

Cameron House, Loch Lomond

Cameron House happens to be situated right on the banks of beautiful Loch Lomond – one of the most breathtaking regions in the whole of Britain. That’s the view sorted, then. According to Brides magazine, it’s a towering baronial mansion set on 100 acres of land. It’s a striking location both in the winter and in the summer and it is extremely isolated. If the morning after the wedding before comes along and you want to stay in bed all day nursing a hangover and avoiding your guests – Cameron House is more than big enough for you to do that.  

House For An Art Lover, Glasgow

As the name of this particular location probably suggests – it’s not very traditional. The House For An Art Lover in Glasgow is the perfect wedding venue for quirky couples who just want something different. This sprawling mansion house was designed by famous Scotch artist Rennie Mackintosh and built after his death, says On the outside, it’s very conventional indeed. It’s set in a beautiful piece of parkland close to Glasgow city centre. On the inside, however, it’s an art nouveau fan’s dream – high ceilings, contemporary stained glass windows, art deco wood panelling, curved staircases and quirky fixtures. 

Kinnettles Castle, Dundee   

Dundee might not immediately spring to mind as one of the best locations to tie the knot, but you’d be wrong not to give it the chance. Whilst non-discerning couples flock to the banks of Loch Lomond and the medieval castles of Edinburgh city – lovebirds ‘in the know’ sneak off to Kinnettles Castle in Dundee. They do so because they know that it is one of Scotland’s best kept secrets. This 1864 build sits within 40 acres of land and has its own private cottage. Kinnettles Castle is nothing short of stunning. It was rated ‘superb’ by the experts at 

Burgh Island, Devon

The Burgh Island retreat is magically separated from the Devon mainland at every high tide. In other words, it is moored on its very own private island. The hotel itself is built in a 1930’s art deco style, so it’s extremely quirky and interesting. All of its rooms are individually named after famous guests from the past and it’s shining white facade has been a part of Devon’s history for well over 80 years, now. It offers wedding parties the chance to get away from it all, to make sure that their event feels like the only one in the world. 

The Glass House, Comberemere Abbey 

 Comberemere Abbey sits on the border between Chesire and Shropshire. It’s also home to the famous Glass House – a stunningly elegant glass dome that's perfect for romantic summer weddings. The Glass House is simple but extremely effective as it’s all about the interplay of light and architecture, says wedding specialist The sun streams through the glass structure, turning a basic space into a naturally lit paradise. Guest accommodation is located in the nearby abbey cottages, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your family and friends happy.