Therefore, if you’re willing to undertake the short fifty something kilometer journey from the heart of Sydney, you’ll be able to peak behind the blue hazed veil that cloaks the distant Blue Mountains. When you do, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of craggy sandstone outcroppings, dramatic cliffs, sweeping valleys, and rocky escarpments. The most famous of which, are the three rock spires that are collectively known as ‘the Three Sisters’. Any number of Sydney based travel agents are capable of putting together a comprehensive Blue Mountains tour. Charters and other arrangements can be made well in advance of your proposed visit to Sydney or on an ad hoc basis after your arrival.

By availing yourself to one of the inclusive Blue Mountain tours that are on offer, a luxurious coach or well appointed minivan will whisk you away from any one of an assortment of Sydney’s finest hotels. Among the sights in Blue Mountains National Park are the hospitable town of Katoomba, The Edge … a six story tall movie theater, scenic Vista Point located on Cliff Top Drive, the Skyway Tram, the Jenolan Cave complex, and of course, the park’s spectacular scenery. Blue Mountains National park also has numerous walking trails for those who appreciate an up close and personal look at Mother Nature’s beauty. Or if you prefer you can sign on to ‘bushwalk’ with a local guide who’ll be able to point out specimens of the Land Down Under’s most singular and very curious wildlife. There are also plenty of lodges, inns, and guesthouses, as well as all forms of pubs and eateries in which one can repose, consume and imbibe.

Seasonally, during the month of October, the Blue Mountains National Park’s social calendar includes a Festival of Walking, Katoomba’s very own interpretation of an authentic German Oktoberfest, replete with um-pa-pa bands, sauerkraut, and great Teutonic beers, and then there’s the Leura Garden Festival which has been an annual event for going on half a century.