Australian Aboriginal art is argubly the oldest artwork in the world.  Aboriginals have lived in Australia for almost 40,000 years and their first experiment with artwork began on the rocks.

Aboriginals took inspiration from their surrounding environment and mixed this reality with the abstraction called dreaming.  Aboriginal dreaming is the story of how the sacred ancestral beings created the natural world we see all around us.  One of the most famous of these stories is of The Rainbow Serpent - a sacred snake that wakes up from its sleep after a long time in the earth and creates the valleys, landscape and water holes.  There are several such stories and dreamings which are passed on from one generation to another via artwork.  In modern times, the tools and colours have changed.  Instead of rocks, the artwork is now drawn on canvas.  The place of natural colours has been taken by acrylic.  However, the method and the symbolisms remain the same as they were thousands of years back.

Aboriginal art was always considered as a valuable art by Australian art collectors.  But it received international recognition when a painting titled "Warlugulong" by great aboriginal artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri was sold at an auction in Australia in 2007 for $2.4 million (Reference:  Since then, several international art collectors have shown their interest in aboriginal artwork.  Through our website, we are making an effort to make this artwork easily available to art collectors and common public throughout the world.

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