3 Practical Tips to Plan Your Whimsical Getaway

Almost everyone has a dream to one day see a different part of the world than what they’re familiar with. The world is a beautiful, vast place, and there is something about an unknown land that reignites the child-like curiosity in all of us. Despite having the dream and desire to go, many people make up excuses that prevent them from actually seeing their destination; finances and getting time off from work are the two biggest reasons most people use to justify forgoing their travel aspirations, and if you’re in a similar boat, here are a few ways to help you beat the odds and make your dream getaway into a reality.

Create a Timeline

Don’t get discouraged because you don’t have the funds this very second, but take time to plan ahead. Whether your getaway destination is in another country, or just a different city in your homeland, allow ample time to plan thoroughly. When my husband Charlie and I were looking to go to the United States for the first time, we set a tentative date to plan around. We started developing our travel plan in February, and our goal was to be stepping off the plane in San Diego’s airport in mid-July; it worked. Having a timeline to work with made making our goal seem more realistic and believable, and breaking down the big goal into several short term ones helped move the process along as well. On a similar note, booking flights and reserving hotels in advance always helps save some money, too.

Create a Surplus of Income

If your current job doesn’t allow for much more than making ends meet, then it may be time to look for another way to bring in some extra income. When we first had the initial idea to travel to the States, we were both going to school and only working part time. With little money coming our way, we had to get creative; we realised how much extra stuff we had laying around the house that was only taking up space. Charlie sold a few of his Magic: The Gathering cards online, and that helped bring in about $500. We also held a yard sale on the weekend and got rid of some old clothing, furniture, and books which resulted in another few hundred dollars to put towards our goals. Between months of saving and adding some extra cash to our steady income, we were well set financially by the time July came around.

Overcome Your Fear of Asking for Time Off

It’s important to let your employer know that you’re planning on taking some time off at least a month in advance as this gives them plenty of notice to make sure your responsibilities will be covered. When I’ve invited a few of my mates to come along with me on my adventures, they always seem to be too afraid to ask for time off, and they’re worried that they’ll fall behind on responsibilities at the office. My advice to them is simple: life is too short to put off doing what you want based on fear and obligation. As long as you let your boss know ahead of time, you have every right to indulge in personal affairs, and the hardest part is just getting up the courage to ask.

Travel is something that many dream of but few actually do, but all it takes is the proper motivation, budgeting, and free spirited attitude to help get your plans to unfold. The hardest part is just taking the first step; after you accomplish that, you’re well on your way to the journey of a lifetime.

Arlene Chandler is a freelance writer who helps teach people how they can compare life insurance solutions at Suncorp.com.au