There are countless reasons why Australia is the destination of choice when it comes to adventure. The vast oceans with their scenic reefs, the expansive and famous outback, and even the amazing cities offer limitless choices when looking for an adventurous holiday in Australia. If you prefer your treks to be a little less motorized and a little more self-propelled, there are several great options for hiking through the great Australian outdoors!

The Kosciuszko Walk, New South Wales

If a day trip for hiking is what you’re looking for then the trek from Thredbo to Mount Kosciuzko should fit perfectly into your time budget. A chairlift takes you to your starting point at Thredbo with a 14 kilometer circuit that takes you over the Snowy River, through Rawson Pass, and on to the summit of Mount Kosciuzko. The roundtrip takes about five hours to complete with extra time added for taking breaks to stop and enjoy the scenery.

The Kings Canyon Rim, Northern Territory

Hiking doesn’t always have to exclusively for those that are already in shape. The Kings Canyon Rim offers a fairly flat journey around Kings Canyon. What starts as a moderate climb quickly flattens out in a six kilometer walk that can be completed in around four hours. If the walk wears you out then the nearby resorts will let you rest your feet for the night.

The Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

If you’re ready to step up your hiking game and look for a more challenging experience then the Great Ocean Walk is the way to go. The trail follows some of the most scenic landscape from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead. The whole path is 104 kilometers and takes around eight days from start to finish. Campsites are spaced along the walk around every 15 kilometers with transportation to and from different legs of the trail so you can adjust the length of your journey.

The Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

If you’re the type that wants to go big or go home than the Larapinta Trail is about as big as you can get without going on your own personal walkabout. This 225 kilometer journey takes around 20 days to complete. Starting from the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and running to Redbank Gorge; this is one of Australia’s newest hiking trails. Most sections are on foot with a few vehicle assisted areas, but this is definitely one for the hardiest of hikers.

Wherever you plan to launch your journey in Australia always make sure to play it safe. Bring water, sunscreen, appropriate clothing, and a way to call for help. Many travel companies even offer guided tours and short term health insurance policies for potential medical emergencies.

What’s most important is being safe and having fun. You’ll see that Australia is definitely the place for your next great adventure.

Dennis Aimes is a writer and insurance advisor with the health insurance specialists HBF.