Well-known worldwide for its spectacular views and rich culture, Argentina best fits the bill for family adventure holidays. The region is the second biggest state in South America so travelers can expect a lot of places in which they can enjoy an exciting vacation.

However, with the array of choice for the activities and sites to visit, it can be a bit difficult to make a decision as to what to do and where to go first. Going for a guided tour could be the solution for this.

With the aid of a guide, you will certainly be able to visit all the attractions and other spots that you should not miss while in Argentina. You will also be saving a lot of time since guided tours usually follow a schedule. Thereby, there’s a chance that you will have free time to do more like shopping or simply exploring around.

Once you arrived in this territory, aside from sightseeing, there are other things that you can do. Check out the adventure activities that you must not miss while on Argentina holidays:

1. Trekking

Argentina has plenty of places suitable for trekking. The routes are even classified according to the person’s trekking level. From beginners to expert trekkers, there is a course that will satisfy everyone’s desire for some adventure.

For an exceptional trekking exploration, you can try going to Perito Moreno Glacier and hike through the massive glacier of its icy terrains. If you would like to catch a glimpse of the amazing view of the Argentina Lake, Monte Fitz, and Torres del Paine, the place to trek is the Cerro Frias.

2. Skiing

When it comes to skiing, the Cerro Cathedral in San Carlos de Bariloche is the right place to be. To date, this is the most complete ski resorts in the area. It has advanced facilities and they continue to update to provide the best for their visitors. No wonder, it is one of the finest ski resorts in Argentina. Adventure travelers can explore the terrain and trails of more than 62 miles of slopes in addition to 32 miles of cross-country routes. Ushuaia also offers excellent skiing experience. It is situated just outside of Cerro Castor.

3. Water Activities

For an exciting dive, the best location to do this is at Golfo Nuevo in Puerto Madryn. Beginners and experts can enjoy plummeting into the deep waters and witness the colorful underwater habitat of exotic fishes and other sea creatures. Other water adventures like kayaking and rafting are also popular in Puesto Madryn.

To conclude, with a plethora of activities and picturesque landscapes, Argentina is perfect for adventure vacations. In fact, visiting this country is dream come true for most outdoorsy and thrill seeking travelers. Discover the country’s expanse and you will never forget this place.