It is true that travelling is one of the greatest joys in life. It is one thing that everybody looks forward each year as it is an excellent way to have some fun and forget all stresses of your everyday life. However, even after you planned the trip more carefully, it can be intricate by unforeseen events. An unanticipated mishap can change your relaxing vacation into an awful experience. If you opt for good travel insurance for your vacation, you can secure your journey and save your money and make a truly wonderful vacation. Choose the travel insurance from icicilombard based on your requirement and make a tension- free and memorable travel.

Sometimes people can get over-involved in the excitement of travelling abroad for a vacation and they forget completely about getting their travel insurance. Most of them just assume that it is not necessary to get insurance coverage for their travel. However, you must remember that travel insurance not just cover accidents and illnesses. Travel insurance from Icici Lombard covers many other things apart from death or accidents.

You can get travel insurance from Icicilombard to cover the following things:

Health / medical coverage

It covers medical costs or emergency dental expenses. Generally your travel insurance reimburses the money you have paid for the treatment locally. The medical evacuation plan covers the expense of your air ambulance, charge of attending a medical practitioner in case you injured badly.

Trip cancellation or interruption

Your travel insurance reimburses you if you cannot take your trip due to weather, illness, airline strikes, bankruptcy or terrorism.

Accidental death

Travel insurance covers accidental death based on the situation of the death.

Delay of the travel

In the event of flight delays, your travel insurance reimburses you for food, hotel and clothing expenses.

Loss of baggage

Travel insurance coverage includes reimbursement of damaged, lost or stolen belongings of the travellers who have insured for his trip. This coverage of insurance normally for the trip duration and not restricted to baggage lost or damaged by the airline.

Damage of rental car

You will get a specific amount from the insurance company in case of loss or damage of your rental vehicle during the trip.

If you get travel insurance coverage from ICICI Lombard, it will protect you not only from just accidents and illnesses but provide protection against many unforeseen events like loss of luggage, flight delay, flight cancellation and even damage of your rental car. Always remember to buy travel insurance before each journey.