The traveller may travel for a number of reasons. He or she may be a businesstraveller, for example, who goes abroad regularly for meetings. Or he or she may travel routinely for pleasure, hopping on planes, trains and boats to visit far flung and exoticdestinations.

There are hundreds of gifts suitable for the traveller, gifts that will match any present-buying budget. From Antler suitcases to expensive Samsonite suitcases, there’s plenty to turn the travelling head.

Antler luggage has been providing security and ease of carriage to its customers for more than 70 years – plenty long enough to know what works and what doesn’t for a luggage item. The brand is squarely aimed at mid-range budget travel: Antler items are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive options for either business or leisure trips.

To go top end, you’d be looking at something like Samsonite (in the well-known brand names arena) – or bespoke luggage made by a lesser-known brand. Samsonite has a reputation for creating luggage that’s hard to break, no matter what you throw at it – that famous graphite shell has hardly changed in construction (other than the looks around it) for years, presumably under the banner of “it ain’t broke, so why fix it?”.

The kind of luggage you buy for someone for Christmas depends very much on where they go, how often they go there, and why. Business luggage, for example, has a markedly different design to leisure luggage – which tends to be bigger and more suited to going in the hold of an aeroplane.

Business luggage is designed to be compact, protective and easy to get from train to plane. In many instances, an item of business luggage will be just small enough to fit in the overhead lockers – allowing the business traveller to take his or her clothes and equipment straight on and off of the plane without having to worry about going through luggage claim at the other end

As a result, Antler suitcases, Samsonite luggage and any other well-made business luggage needs to be capable of protecting neatly folded business clothes, potentially having room for a spare pair of shoes, and accommodating technical equipment like laptops, tablets and smart phones. There’s no need for a large compartment suited to liquid toiletries anymore; but there must still be a spot sequestered for potentially wet or dirty items, particularly for the flight home.

While the modern business traveller is unable to take full size toiletries away with him or her, thanks to the security measures now in place at airports worldwide, he or she is still able to take small toiletries with him or her – enough for a couple of days away, certainly, which is all that the average business trip lasts. Plus, of course, there are always hotel toiletries to think about: as the new security measures kicked in business hotels may have started to supply toothpaste and other liquids, as well as the normal shower and bath gel and shampoo.

The modern business luggage item is likely to be multi-functional, in that some bits of it may come away from the main body to facilitate carrying a laptop or other business items around when the user has reached his or her destination. A good piece of business luggage works with the traveller, rather than against.

Della Moris is a business traveller. She has written blogs on many cases, including several Antler suitcases.