There are many benefits of organised tours over independent travel. Travelling on a rugby tour gives structure and purpose to any trip abroad. It is possible to travel with a group of like minded individuals and develop friendships that may last a lifetime. Travelling with a group of rugby fans also adds to the atmosphere and build up to big matches. Tours allow rugby fans easy access to some of the best stadiums in the world, including The Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne on the British Lions Tour 2013 and Dubai's 'The Sevens', a purpose build stadium situated in the stunning Dubai desert, as part of the IRB Sevens.

Organised tours allow access to exciting events that wouldn't otherwise be accessed when travelling independently. When on a tour with a specialist travel company such as Gullivers Travel for the upcoming
British and Irish Lions Tour 2013, guests are treated to events such as a Welcome Party, Golf day, Fishing Trip and Sydney pub crawl, all joined by internationally renowned names in rugby such as Colin Charvis, Dafydd James and David Wallace. Organised tours arrange all details of the trip so you only have to worry about turning up. Unlike 'gap year' travellers, those on a sports tour will be treated to the best luxury hotels in the area, travelling on convenient scheduled flights and going on organised excursions organised by local tour managers with knowledge of the local area. Airport transfers and travel inside the country is all organised by the tour, meaning guests are able to spend more time seeing the sights of the country they are visiting and less time searching for taxis, waiting for buses and other time consuming tasks. Match tickets are also guaranteed.

Upcoming Rugby Tours.
There are many fantastic Rugby Tours coming up in locations throughout the world. The British and Irish Lions Tour 2013, beginning on the 1st June, is one of the most anticipated upcoming tours. The tour features 10 matches, one in Hong Kong and the rest scattered throughout some of the best destinations in Australia including Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. This allows those on a tour to see many locations throughout Australia, something that would not be feasible on an independently organised trip.

Other top upcoming tours include the IRB Sevens World Series. IRB Sevens tours in exotic far flung destinations including Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Japan, Dubai and Argentina. The tour begins in March 2013 and will visit some of the most spectacular stadiums in the world. For those looking to travel slightly closer to home, the Heineken Cup Final is held in The Arriva Stadium in Dublin in May 2013. The trip includes tickets to the Challenge Cup Final and the Heineken Cup Final whilst still allowing time to explore the sights and attractions of this vibrant city.

Carl Lucas is a writer and blogger from New York. In addition to travel writing, Carl owns his business selling specialist sports equipment throughout the world. In his spare time he enjoys rugby, golf, cricket and cooking. Carl will be visiting the British Lions Tour 2013; to book a tour visit