While many people choose to holiday with friends or family, there are those brave souls out there who prefer to go it alone. For them, here is the top five tips for planning to perfect solo adventure – making sure you have an experience to remember, and not one you wish you could forget.

Plan your route in advance When travelling alone it is vital that you know where you’re going and when. Depending on whereabouts in the world you are headed, weather conditions and travel situations can change so be aware. You don’t want to be travelling through a strange country when monsoon season hit after all.

Book hotels in respectable areas close to populated areas Thankfully there are a lot of websites about these days that can offer frank and honest reviews about hotels, left by previous guests. It is important to thoroughly research your destination before you arrive and if possible, book your hotel stay in advance. That way you can ensure that a room will be waiting for you when you arrive and that you’re familiar with the hotel layout beforehand. Travel with a friend some of the way

Obviously the point of travelling alone is that you are, in fact, alone. But there’s nothing to say that you can’t have a buddy for some of the way. Whether it is a friend from home who just comes out for a week or two, or you plan to meet up with another travelling companion along the way, having someone to chat to and touch base with can really help alleviate that homesickness. There are some travel companies that now cater for singles who wish to travel with others some of the time but not all. These are ideal for people who wish to go on holiday but would prefer a companion.

Book insurance One of the most; if not the most important thing to do before you travel alone is book travel insurance. If you become ill or injured and you’re by yourself, this could really save your life. If you are visiting a country with no free healthcare, it is essential that you make preparations before you travel. Trying to arrange payment once you need it can be very difficult indeed. There are many travel companies available online now who can help you to tailor your holiday travel insurance to meet your needs and give you all the information you’ll need in case something does go wrong.

Have a back-up plan While out and about, things can and do go awry. Strikes, transport changes, weather conditions and personal preference can all conspire to alter your best paid plans but the important thing to remember is to go with the flow. You’re on holiday to enjoy yourself so make sure you have a plan B if your original route changes. And perhaps you’ll discover some amazing things you hadn’t expected. This way you won’t be coming home disappointed - and remember, there is always next time to fit in all the things you originally wanted to see.