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How long have you been waiting for your views to be included in opinion polls that are run exclusively by mainstream media? Haven’t you wished to be contacted, because you feel your opinions on issues should be counted like it matters?

Well it does matter, and to be fair to everyone in anything they loosely call a democracy, we all should all be able to access the polls to submit our own views on issues affecting us. For far too long, you have been locked out of the polling system, because the real truth hurts and they do not want to hear what everyone thinks – just who they have carefully selected to suit their agenda. The figures used to convince the population are nothing more than pure fantasy, if only a very small percentage of the people are consulted for their opinions.

Actev8 on the other hand, gives everyone the ability to register an opinion on all the important political, social and lifestyle issues affecting you nationally and globally. We want your opinions to be confronting to leaders in government and industry, by sending them the real messages people want them to hear. They have had it all their way for far too long. Now it’s our time to turn up the volume and make them listen to us, without the need for protesting in the streets or signing petitions to get things done.

We have made our system easy to use and fast to operate, so you are able to register opinions and get real results in real time. No time wasted waiting for the results to be published in a newspaper, or online.  As more people vote on topics, you will be kept up to date on how your views compares with others.

Furthermore, Actev8 allows you to participate in our street style of democracy every day, without taking up too much of your time. You will be pleased to know, your opinions will go toward making a real difference to your world, and we will ensure your voice is heard by those decision makers who like to think they have control of your life.

We also have a forum for everyone to join in discussions on the topics we raise as issues, so together we may discuss and collaborate on all the problems affecting our future, and discover viable solutions we can all participate in to help bring about the change we want. Let’s take control of our own destiny, so future generations may live peaceful and prosperous lives in harmony together.

Our Actev8 News service is all about providing the important news everyone should be aware of, that’s not being properly covered by main stream news services. We also want to hear the news from our members, so we can all get behind you and help where possible.  So if you have something you think is important for your fellow members to know, please use our feedback or contact forms and send it in.

This is just the first stage of our service, with many new and powerful features to be included for your benefit in following versions. The extra features we are working on now will add even more strength to your voice, and hold leaders to even further and sometimes embarrassing accountability.

We value your support of Actev8 you are amongst the pioneers we will be counting on to spread the word of our service to your friends, family and associates. The more people we can unite together around the world, with the view to change the perception government and big business has of us, as an easily controlled mass of apathetic sheep – the better our future will become. Let’s make a super power of the people - share Actev8 with everybody you know to create an effective movement that won’t be ignored.

Thank you for your support

Actev8 Your World