There is no doubt that there are memories to be made in and around the Grand Canyon. Families come from around the world to check out one of Arizona's most popular attractions. This isn't a trip that anyone should rush, so be sure to plan around the weather conditions.

What is the best way to see something as immense as the Grand Canyon? It isn't something that can be experienced in just an hour or two. In order to appreciate the majesty of this, one of the Natural Wonders of the World, families should plan to spend at least a few days enjoying the views. No matter what activities people want to enjoy while visiting, it is always a good idea to spend some time planning.

Perfect Timing

In order to get the most out of any one of the
Grand Canyon tours, families should choose the perfect time for a visit. From May to October, both the North and the South Rim are open for visitors. The South Rim stays open all year but yes, even in Arizona, the North Rim can close due to snow or at least a chance of snow. Because this is a popular time for visitors, be sure to make reservations for everything, from accommodations to tours, well in advance.

What to Bring

There is no doubt that the weather in Arizona tends to get a lot of attention. People call it a "dry heat," and leave visitors at a loss. There is very little humidity in the state, so when the temperatures rise in the summertime, it just feels dry. So pack shorts and tee shirts and comfortable walking shoes. However, in the evening, northern Arizona can experience a slight drop in temperature, so consider bringing a lightweight jacket. Families that plan to camp or head down the water do not need to bring anything along. Most touring companies offer everything that a visitor needs to enjoy the tour.

Ways to Enjoy the Grand Canyon

There is also no doubt that walking out onto the observation deck will take a visitor's breath away. With nothing between their feet and the bottom of the canyon but some special glass, it can be an overwhelming experience. But a viewing space only provides a small glimpse of what the area has to offer. Families can spend the night camping at the bottom of the canyon, hike down some of the less dangerous cliffs, or even take a raft down the river that runs right through the middle of the canyon.

Every family looks to plan a memorable vacation. With plenty to do and see, this part of Arizona is something that no one should ever miss out on.

Marjorie Talbot writes regularly on Grand Canyon tours for a range of travel websites and blogs. As a native to Arizona, she continues to travel throughout the state and talks to individuals and businesses about ways to increase the number of visitors that come by each year.