offers new, revolutionary and interactive travel services for Australia

The services are completely free and aimed at domestic and international travellers in Australia.

Check it out at http:\\ - it's free!

Travellers can…

  • Create their own trip planner with simple drag & drop. The travel route becomes instantly visible.
  • Add unlimited detailed diary entries and photos to any location point in their trip planner.
  • Share private diary entries with friends and family whilst travelling in Australia.
  • Select friends and family to receive automatic email notifications for new diary entries.
  • Use SMS to send diary entries to the system. No need to be connected to the internet.
  • Rate and comment on any of the information visible on the map.
  • Mark diary entries and photos as public, so anyone visiting can see their travelogue.

Sophisticated map:

  • Very fast, vector based map with details down to street level.
  • Easy navigation by dragging rectangles on the map to zoom in. Group results on higher level zooms.
  • Instantly visible category search results. Optional GPS data display on the mouse cursor.
  • Quickly display the distance between any two points in Australia.
  • Unprecedented drag and drop map interactions using the latest Flash Player 9 technology. is a 100% Australian invention, 100% Australian owned and provides reputable services through an elaborated approval system. has just been featured as the monthly tourism innovation by the Australian Regional Tourism Network:(