Getting off the overnight bus in 1770 (the town of Seventeen Seventy) I was tired but in high
spirits. The town is really unique, not only because of the fact that it has a number for a name but
also because it is so small and obscure with no crime and no tourist reason to visit. That is of
course except the fact that one of the Lonely Planet voted top five attractions on the East Coast
is here

Scooteroo is a 64km, three hour “ride of your life”. The tour takes you through the hills and
kangaroo filled fields of Agnes Water and then around the coast to the historic town of 1770
where Queensland was reportedly born. Of course this is all done in true biker style; with the
squeak of heavy leather jackets, the shine of chrome, the ice of new tattoos and of course the all
important Harley Davison’s or Chopper motorcycles. Okay, so they are only about 50cc and all
you need to drive is a car licence but with “Born to be Wild” blasting in the stereo before we left
and everyone pulling mean bad-ass moves you could be forgiven for confusing this group of 50 or
so travellers for an angry biker mob!

Of course as we were getting our scooter tuition there were nervous faces
all around and my tummy was doing somersaults, but once we had our first
corner out of the way and realised that we could do it the nerves quickly
disappeared. In fact, the bikes were easier to ride than you would expect;
apparently this is because they are low to the ground assisting with balance
and the wide tyres ensure no slipping, while control is automatic with simple
twist to go and peddle brake functions. We only had a few hand signals to
contend with and these were basic slow down and stop safety features! It
really was a unique experience.

As I drove along the road I soon gained my confidence and we all started to
speed and overtake each other, blasting out speeds of up to 80km/hr! I can’
t explain the excitement and the sheer joyous feeling I had, it’s not often
that I am left speechless but as I drove along with the wind in my hair, the
bugs whistling past my ears I could not get the idiotic smile to leave my face
(I am sure to have flies squashed to my teeth)! We stopped to watch the
sun set behind the clouds at the rocks near the marina with a box of potato
wedges with heaps of sweet chilli sauce and dollops of sour cream, near
The whole experience is one of the best trips I have done on this whole
journey and by far the best thing I have done in Australia! My next purchase
will be a motorcycle, and I will be a biker chick so watch out as I will be
raising hell!!!

Story courtesy of Alicia Harney