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Motorhome Away from Home - is it really all that?
Craig Cleal
Im just here to help travellers to Australia, have the best , most memorable experiences in our great country. If i can assist, please contact me. 
By Craig Cleal
Published on 21st February, 2007


The first thing i would suggest to budding motorhomers - Be Organised...

We left the quiet shores of Bilgola Beach in Sydney, all filled with the anticipation of an exciting road adventure.

The players on this road trip are myself Craig, my girl Tara, our kids Tayla who is 3, Arden who is 1 and our good friend Olivia who is 13 and made a special trip across the ditch to come play with us. Oh, and not forgetting my good little mate, Tom the 12 year old staffy, who is neither obedient or faithfull.

Beautiful 6 berth camper supplied by Apollo Campers and Salamanda Travel