Cairns, Australia is a popular dive travel location with some of the best Great Barrier Reef diving and snorkeling available .Thousands of visitors are taken out daily by the large tour boats to snorkel and scuba dive the abundant local reefs and participate in the many marine activities available.

Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.
A pair of permanent pontoons, owned by Quicksilver Cruises, are moored on the Agincourt Reefs, giving access to numerous quality scuba sites.The pontoons are very well organised and safety proceedures for snorkeling and scuba diving are among the highest in the world. The Channels offer interesting swim-throughs and caves, while The Gardens are famous for their large numbers of brightly-coloured reef fish.Blue Wonder is an amazing wall dive to more than 40 m, while Nursery Bommie is a awe inspiring bommie where pelagic species school to feed.

Norman Reef.
The site of Great Adventure's pontoon, Norman Reef has lots of exciting dive sites along its length. Coral gardens are found in the shallows, and divers usually see reef sharks, gropers, maori wrasse and pelagic fish patrolling the 30 m drop-off.

Hasting Reef.
Pinnacles, walls, caves and coral gardens are all features of Hastings Reef. Gorgonians, soft corals and sea whips adorn the walls and pinnacles. Reef and pelagic fish are numerous, and stingrays, Maori wrasse, moray eels and reef sharks are frequently seen. Photographers will find plenty of subjects, from amazing nudibranchs to schools of giant trevally.

Flynn Reef.
The pinnacles and hard coral gardens are quality dive sites at Flynn Reef. Gordon's Mooring, where a number of pinnacles attract masses of reef and pelagic fish, is one of the best.

Thetford Reef.
Macro-photographers will find plenty of nudibranchs, tubeworms, crabs, brightly-coloured reef fish and pretty corals as subject matter in the coral gardens on Thetford Reef.

Briggs Reef.
The coral wall along the northern side of Briggs Reef plunges into 30 m of water, and is covered in an excellent variety of corals. Along the wall swim coral trout, parrotfish and the occasional pelagic fish. On top of the reef is a coral garden where angelfish, stingrays, wrasse and many other varieties can be found in abundance.

Sudbury Reef.
Shallow coral gardens and drop-offs to 35 m can be explored on Sudbury Reef. Reef fish are everywhere. You are also likely to see hawksbill turtles and giant gropers.

This is just a sample of what Cairns Scuba Diving has to offer, to experience more you'll just have to visit yourself.