Of all the different tours that can be taken in the area of Melbourne, foodies visiting the region want something that gives them the chance to enjoy what the region has to offer. Without having months or years to explore and check out dozens of restaurants and other delights, a little research is in order to shorten the list of things to do and places to nosh.  There is a nice mix of different cultures that thrive in Melbourne and the rest of Australia. For the avid foodie that means searching for a mixture of tastes and experiences.


With the proximity of several different Asian countries it is no surprise that some authentic edibles are available. The chance to try excellent Chinese fare while learning is possible with Tony Tan.


Tony Tan cooking classes offer a wonderful time, spending an evening with foodie friends or travel mates. You will learn everything from the proper method of tying your apron to professional kitchen safety logic, care with knives and hot liquids is very important in any kitchen, especially one that is full of amateur chefs. Tony   is full of useful info and is someone that people who are passionate about cooking will love. There will even be a  tour  through Vietnam led by Tony that will be departing from Melbourne in early August, and it is all about the food.  Check for info on future cooking classes and different tours to see if one will fit within your schedule.


Great food and the incredibly beautiful vista's of the Melbourne area are available through Walkabout Gourmet Adventures.


A walking tour that combines the joy of hiking with the love of authentic cuisine and local wine is an incredible way to see the area of Melbourne. During the lovely cool month of December, Walkabout Gourmet Adventures will off the chance to explore Wilson's promontory. This is more than just visiting the most southern point of mainland Australia. In this lush setting that includes brilliant white sand beaches as well as verdant fern gullies, it is also home to farms that produce the meat, poultry, dairy, and veggie products that provide the supplies for the gourmet delights provided on this tour. If you would rather drive, you can use a car hire, as they call them.



You can't consider a visit down under without planning on sampling some beef.

What just may be the best burger in Melbourne can be investigated at The Rockport Bar and Grill.


There is always the choice of a fancy and more expensive steak, but if you have any desire for a burger, trying a Wagyu burger is a must while in Melbourne. Have a seat at the bar section of the Rockport Bar and Grill to enjoy what could easily be the most incredible Wagyu burger in town. It is a simple burger because the star of the sandwich is the meat itself. The only beef that is used at this particular location are those that have been treated humanely and have not been treated with antibiotic feed supplements or growth hormones. Australia is known for it's cattle and Rockport Bar and Grille only uses what they consider the best, Blackmores's, Wagyu, Greenhams, and Rangers Valley. This is why if you want to sample beef in Melbourne it is an ideal place to visit.


Making bread at Abbotsford Convent  is a daily event. Seeing the beautiful old convent is a treat in itself and spending a day with artisan bakers who take you step by step through making sourdough bread, pizza dough, and  scones for example, is a delight. This is not a quick event though so be prepared to spend 7 hours becoming better acquainted with yeast and all of it's temperament. For those that have shied away from bread baking in the past, this is a wonderful spot to get past that hesitation. The Convent is actually the only intact spot of 19th century rural landscape in Melbourne. What used to house the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in site closed to the public is now a thriving arts community.



To celebrate Vietnamese food in Melbourne a Viet Lane Sunday Lunch, at Red Spice Road, would be ideal. If however you won't be there for one of those occasions, a regular lunch banquet offers an exquisite sampling. It is not the cheapest way to try Vietnamese ala Melbourne, but it does have some delicious choices. The nice thing about the lunch buffet is being able to share a nice variety with your group. Although they do have a nice selection of vegetarian choices, the fried pork belly with the crunchy crust is worth the visit alone.



March of next year is a good time for any foodie in Melbourne. The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival will be celebrating it's 20th anniversary. There is so much going on at this particular gathering that everyone can find something to enjoy. The festival goes on for nearly all of the first half of March. There is the incredible edible garden that makes growing your food look so beautiful. The worlds longest lunch is a treat with so many other people, it is an experience to remember. While family foodie day will give the little ones something hands on.


While it might seem strange to learn Italian cooking in Australia, It is not only possible but a lot of fun as well. From hand made tortellini and ravioli to sauces and sausages, there are classes regularly scheduled at Enoteca Sileno  in Melbourne. The hands on classes are a great way to discover the secrets of great Italian cooking that can be used in the kitchen at home.


With just a few ideas it is easy to find some fun things to do involving Melbourne Travel that involve wonderful food and will give any interested foodie the skills to make some interesting things once they are back at home.