When you are looking for a holiday destination you are probably looking for a spectacular place to hang your hat for a week or two.  Someplace that has a lot to offer such as nightlife, good food, and fun unique experiences.  Included in that you are probably looking for some down time- a place to kick back and relax with time to be out in the public eye enjoying the company of others and with some other time to just sit back and enjoy some time alone with the ones you love.  If this sounds like the perfect holiday experience, and one that you are seeking, then you need look no further than the incredible Gold Coast of Australia. 


This spectacular oceanfront region offers exciting views, white sand beaches, loads of the very best in accommodations and fine dining and much, much more.  Often overlooked as a beach destination for the more popular cities of Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne, the Gold Coast many times does not receive the recognition it deserves in travel magazines that showcase the more popular beach regions such as Jamaica or the Bahamas. 


But this region is far from a slouch as far as holiday destinations go and tourism is a booming business not only in the Gold Coast region but throughout all of Australia and although this region has a total land area of less than 1,500kmē it receives just over 3.5 million overnight visitors each year as well as approximately 6 million day visitors per year as well.  So although it may seem as if this destination is being overlooked as far as domestic and international travelers are concerned it is obvious that someone realizes the appeal of this Aussie gem.


Of course, the Gold Coast not only makes a fabulous holiday destination but also makes by far one of the best places to live and this region is one that has a lot to offer those looking for a new and exciting place to live.  A place with friendly people, sunshine and good weather, and a good strong economy is one that most people won’t choose to pass up and this region welcomes newcomers with open arms making it an excellent place for international travelers to consider relocating to.


Regions like Surfer’s Paradise which is located right in the heart of the Gold Coast region for instance has a lot of appeal for tourists but also offers incredible opportunities to stay, work, play, or even take classes.  Being that the entire region is focused on tourism there are endless opportunities for those moving into the region to find temporary or permanent employment in and around the Gold Coast region.


Whether you are looking for a place to hang your hat temporarily or permanently at Broadbeach apartments, you will find that the Gold Coast region has quite a lot to offer.  From moderate year round temperatures to a work hard and play harder attitude many that visit this region for holiday discover more than a dream holiday but their next permanent residence in this vacation paradise.  After all, who doesn’t want to live in a place that makes you feel like you’re on vacation everyday?