Bass in the Grass is the largest Australian music festival held in the Northern Territory annually since 2003. This is a project to try and bring up to stage all prominent bands in the territory and showcase the burbling local talent. It is conducted in a friendly and safe environment at the Darwin Amphitheatre with innovations that are completely unique to the festival such as, logo branded caps instead of the conventional ticket system and also the provision of free bottled water throughout the day. Along with this the entertainment it made even ‘bigger’ with giant screens of about 37 square meters, and also the provision of stylish shade structures and many food and confectionary stalls.

The festivals have been huge successes to date and have given the youth something to celebrate and a sense of pride and ownership. This event has inspired many sister events such as ‘Bass in the Dust’ etc. but you do not want to miss out on the original do you? The next festival is lined up to take place in Saturday 26th May, 2012, so save the date and book your flights for Darwin as soon as possible. 

The preparations are already in full swing and a line of Australia’s hottest bands are ready to join ‘Birds of Tokyo’ and ‘The Presents’ in entertaining you at Darwin at the Australian Central Savings & Loans ‘Bass in the Grass’. The Chief Minster, Paul Henderson has announced that the full line-up will include indie supremos ‘British India’, ‘Sneaky Sound System’. Electronic outfit ‘Art vs. Science’ and the Australian Idol winner Hayley Warner. You will also get a chance to see the famous dance troupe ‘Justice Crew’ work their magic on stage. The officials are promising top end music fans a completely fantastic day and night of entertainment.

Another reason to not to miss out on this event is because your presence there will support the budding musicians at the Battle of the Bands competition. Each year a larger and larger number of bands participate making it a very tough call for the judges due to each and every exceptional performance. And at the end of the day it is the crowd that decides. Each year more and young music fans come in to support their favorite bands to try and get them trough to the winning line up at the “Bass in the Grass” lie-up.

The Battle of the Bands start heating up almost a year before the actual event inaugurating from Nhulunbuy, Alice Springs and then moving on to the Palmerston and finally Casuarina. The finals are then held at the ‘Youth Week Concert’ right at the Casuarina Pool and finally the winners get a chance to play with the line-up of the ‘Bass in the Grass’ 2012. Tickets are already available online for $60 and the earlier you buy the better seats you are likely to get.
The biggest crowd-pleaser expected at the next festival are ‘The Presents’ and ‘Birds on Tokyo’. ‘The Presents’ with their popular hits like ‘All of my people’ and many more have topped charts everywhere. They are Australia’s leading proponents of twisted electronic pop, and are currently the only electronic music group to receive what we call the ‘ARIA” for Album of the Year’, and they will be performing all of their well-known hits at this year’s festival. They are currently the most talked-about and also the most in-demand live acts today, with an amazing catalogue of dance smashes and 2 extremely popular LPs. While the ‘Birds of Toyo’ on the other hand have had an odd and yet unprecented rise to popularity, all in the past year because of their self titled album which reached number 2 on the ARIA Album Charts and reaching number 1 on the AIR Australian Independent charts.

So don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind music festival in Darwin called ‘Bass in the Grass’ and be a part of the most hip crowd in the music scene.