Barossa Valley, Adelaide also known as the wine capital of Australia, is home to over 80 wine cellars and provides tours that will make your visit the most romantic memory possible. Plan your next honeymoon here and book your flights to adelaide as the Barossa valley is only a 2 hour drive from the main city. You can either drive here yourself or join any tour group. We recommend a tour as they will plan out your trip for you and take you around through some of the most scenic routes available.


Your tour will go around Gumeracha where you will get to see the world’s largest rocking horse, but breakfast will be served at the ‘Greasy Spoon’ to line the inner side of your stomachs. Next stop can be Jacob’s Creek which is now dried up except in the rainy season but the wine will be worth the trip. After this the Richmond Grove Winery can be your second wine stop. Since Barossa has cool summers and normally rainy winter which makes the perfect location for red wine production, particularly richly flavored Cabernet and the Shiraz and the higher altitude you climb it will offer a lending hand to the perfect production conditions for Riesling and Chardonnay. If you have picked up bottles of your favorite then be mindful as to keep them in a cool place such as an ice box as you can ruin your treasure by leaving them in the car or your bus on a warm day.

By lunch time you would have reached the Rivervale Winery where you will be served traditional Australian cuisine, consisting of BBQ and fresh grilled kangaroo meat with chicken and apricots, sausages, salads and burgers of sort. The tour will then go though the gardens, palms and different heritage buildings. The scenery is indescribable and next stop is usually Seppeltsfield Winery, one of the most historic wineries in the area. Next stop is the Whispering Wall, this is an old preserved dam and once inside if you stand at one side of the wall and whisper something, the other person standing at the other end will hear you as if the wall is talking to them.

Next stop will be at the sweet shops and different cafes near Kies Penfold Winery. We recommend the Monkey Nut Café due to its wacky interior and good food, or if you are a fan of seafood the top recommendation is Fisherman’s Feast Café. If you are just interested in good drinks then the best stop is Café Harvesters and the best vegetarian meals will be served at Café Nuriootpa. But the choice will be limitless and the final decision can easily be made according to your mood.

If you consider staying in Barossa Valley then the number resorts are great and you can take your pick according to your pocket. While planning your trip also check the calendar as Barossa has some festivals that you don’t want to miss. To name a few, we have the ‘Barossa Vintage Festival’ which is held in odd numbered years biennially. This festival runs for usually 7 to 8 days and celebrates the year’s vintage season completion, between April and May. This festival involves a large variety of wine-themed events which include wine-tasting competitions, food events, musical events, parades and balls. Another festival is held in August every year known as the ‘Barossa Gourmet Weekend’ which is a two-day celebration of wine. Food, Wine and Music are counterparts and some game events as well depending on which winery you visit.