The Perth International Arts Festival is the longest running cultural festival in all of Australia. It runs between February and March every year since its inauguration in 1953 by the University of Western Australia. This year the nominated arts director is Jonathan Holloway who will be conducting this festival from 2011 to 2015. The announced dates for the next festival are 10th February to 3rd March 2012 so don’t miss your chance to become a part of this amazing experience and book your flight to Perth now and we’ll tell you why:

The sky is darkening to shades of purple from orange and some of the earliest stars are just visible. A cool ocean breeze plays with your hair and a murmur of a crowd fills the air, how can it be any more perfect a background to enjoy different performance arts live in this atmosphere? Even in the sunny skies of Perth you can’t miss out on some world-class music, theatre, dance, visual arts and literature. The Perth International Arts Festival or PIAF for short has some of the most enthralling productions and it ends up attracting big names like violinist Nigel Kennedy, Jazz legend Pat Methany, Welsh opera singer Bryn Tertel, soprano Elizabeth Connell, actress Sandra Bernhard, Leonard Burnstein’s candidate and artists like Tracy Moffatt.

Past audiences have all been treated to vibrant and inventive music and cool jazz tunes during the balmy summer nights, all right here at the Perth Concert Hall verandah. The theatre is also known to offer simply sensational music and groundbreaking and revered performances from all over the world. The PIAF is also well known for its International writer’s festival; here you get the chance to feast your inner writer and read amazing pieces and share ideas and debate. A completely stellar line-up of authors descend right here at Perth and celebrate writing at this festival.
But the best part is of course are the direct-to-festival release of international art films. Directors from all over the world gather around to celebrate the fine art of movie making. Every year the number of introductions increase by a tenfold, and the entire community embraces them through celebration.

The entire community comes together to help bring art into everyday life. Along with this there is also plenty of family street theatre and art displays all over the city. It’s as if the city comes to life for the first time during this festival and the art galleries and food stalls attract people from all over the world. There something for everyone no matter what age to come in and enjoy. We don’t want you to feel left out from all this amazing fun so plan your visit now.