Several weeks ago we made a booking for a trip to the Gold Coast, flights & accommodation, through Expedia. Our booking was confirmed and an itinerary sent via email. We were booked on a 09:30am flight. A week or so later when we contacted Expedia to add checked baggage to one of the fares, the person on the phone advised all was ok and we were confirmed on the 3pm flight. Of course, we questioned this point and were advised that not only were we on a 3pm flight, but the 9:30am flight that we were confirmed on did not exist! There were many discussions and we provided a copy of our itinerary to the Expedia supervisor, but still they would not budge. We were offered the option to move to an earlier flight, but it would cost us close to $700 for the pleasure. With a family of five, this is just not an option. About 2 weeks after we first made contact re the flight change, we received an official email from Expedia advising us of a change to our flights!! I understand that, in this age of cut price travel, travel companies are slaves to the airlines and their schedules, and that flight changes are to be expected. However, I cannot accept a global company such as Expedia telling me that the information they sent me actually never existed, and that I am a meaningless number and not a valued customer. I have booked through Expedia for previous trips but will not do so again. I urge all travelers to be very careful using Expedia, and make sure you have some flexibility in your schedule if you decide to use them.