QANTAS Frequent Flyer benefits

Lately, my husband and I have been going on mini-breaks around Australia, taking advantage of some great airfare deals.  Unfortunately though, the flight delays and strikes have meant we have been spending a lot of time at airports.  Thankfully, my husband's Travel Manager through work encouraged him to get a Qantas frequent flyer membership. 

I used to think that frequent flyer memberships weren’t really worthwhile, or were only for the international business execs constantly jetting from one side of the globe to the other.  However, since I’ve had my frequent flyer membership, I have come to realise that you get more than just discounted flights and you don’t have to spend half your life in an aeroplane, clocking up millions of miles to take advantage of the benefits.

There are three levels of membership in the Qantas program – Silver, Gold and Platinum.  We are Silver members and the benefits we receive include:

Before You Fly

Priority telephone service – meaning I don’t have to hang on the line when I want to speak to a real person.

Advance seat selection with preferential seating – meaning I can choose my seat (from options according to my frequent flyer status) when I book my flight, for each and every flight.  And there’s a genius system called Preferred Seating, which means my selection stays on my profile and automatically applies to my next booking (unless I choose to change it).

At The Airport

Check-in benefits – I get priority check-in on international flights, and can use my Q Card as my boarding pass at domestic airports.  All silver members are issued with the very clever Q Bag Tags, which eliminates the need for paper luggage identification with all personal and contact information easily accessible through the electronic chip.  The extra baggage allowance means we can take advantage of the fantastic shopping down in Melbourne without worrying about getting gouged for additional fees at check-in.  These features combine, making the tedious check-in and boarding process that much easier.

The Qantas Club – this is one benefit that is unfortunately not included in the Silver membership.  However we did use our complimentary pass and I can vouch for this airport lounge access as being a very attractive benefit for the Gold and Platinum members.  Relaxing with a quiet drink and a read of the paper in an exclusive area, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy main terminal is bliss, and I will keep flying and accruing my points, so one day soon I hope to being living the good life in the lounge. 

If I ever become famous, then the Qantas Chairman Lounge is the ultimate in airport lounge member opulence and privacy.  And with a self-serve bar that is open 24/7, who wouldn’t want to be invited to this exclusive club?