Australians prefer going online to plan their holidays than talking with a friend or a travel agent. A survey of 500 of LivingSocial and Jump On It’s 600,000 Facebook fans reveals the internet as the number one source for planning a holiday.


Trusted websites have replaced word of mouth and travel agent advice for planning an escape. Savvy holiday planners can scour the web for anything from discount airfares to accommodation reviews, the information that was once relied on from family and friends, is now readily available on the web.  


A recent report by Deloitte Australia has shown the direct contribution of the internet to the economy as approximately $50 billion or 3.6 % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)[i] . Making the most of the online market is spurring tourism ventures online to attract their own slice of this enormous pie.


Of the 500 respondents to LivingSocial and Jump On It’s survey, 316 voted for going online, compared to just 38 voters for asking a friend. A surprising 2 voters chose television as a source of information. TV travel programmes providing a visual stimulus more than a way to plan a holiday.


LivingSocial are making the most of this trend offering convenient and well-priced online travel deals for the discerning consumer. LivingSocial holiday deals require minimal planning, and each escape is listed for a week to give buyers time to organise their family or friends.


“LivingSocial Escapes provide busy consumers with the best in bundled holidays, taking the hassle out of holiday planning. Each travel deal is carefully researched by LivingSocial travel experts, choosing only the best resorts, hotels and boutique accommodation out there,” says LivingSocial Australia and New Zealand CEO Colin Fabig.


Just as LivingSocial lets people discover new services, experiences and attractions at deep discounts in their city or places they visit, LivingSocial Escapes help families find one-of-a-kind day trips, packaged “nearcations”, or weekend excursions they might not typically pursue – all at up to 90 per cent off the normal price.


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