One gets overwhelmed by the variety of things that Sunshine Coast has to offer; loosen up on spectacular beaches; unwind in the hinterland; saunter through rainforests; or visit the areas abundant produce and nature based attractions, such as the Australia Zoo. Sunshine Coast has it all. 

Stroll with a Sumatran tiger, cuddle a baby koala, witness a crocodile emerge from the edge of the waters, hand-feed the Asian friendly Elephants. Australia Zoo is undeniably the ultimate wildlife escapade that delivers conservation through exhilarating education. Australia Zoo is situated near the Glasshouse Mountains on the striking Sunshine Coast, approximately at distance of 45 minutes on Brisbane’s north. Located on more than 70 acres of natural bush land, the Zoo is abode to over 1000 exotic and native species that are eager to get up close and personal with each and every one of you! Book cheap fares to Sunshine Coast cheap fares to Sunshine Coast to experience the ultimate wilderness in a civilized manner.

Australia Zoo features myriad magnificent animal enclosure, gorgeous wildlife and off course the lush gardens. From Australia’s waddling wombats, cuddly koalas, adorable kangaroos and slithering snakes, there is always a stack of exhilarating wildlife to see. You can come head to head with the majestic tigers, get your photograph taken with an infant alligator or check out the new Binturong and Red Panda.

Tourists also have the opportunity to get close (at cautionary distance off course) with the ripper rhinos and cheeky cheetahs. Come and witness the swooping, jaw-snapping, action in our stimulating in the Wildlife Warriors show at the Australia Zoo. A visit to this remarkable place is the ideal way to spend a day with family as well as alone.  The renowned Crocoseum is truly an impressive place to check out where you can experience crocs, birds and snakes Live! There is no doubt about the fact that your day at will be the ultimate wildlife escapade at Australian Zoo.

The Australia Zoo is conveniently situated close by the train station of Beerwah train station and was founded by the widely known crocodile hunter of Australia, the late Steve Irwin. This zoo is Zoo and Aquarium Association’s member. Unfortunately Steve passed away in the year 2006, however his widow Terri took over and keeps the zoo running. Australia Zoo has had the privilege to win the 2003-2004 Australian Tourism Awards in the Major Tourist Attraction category and the first Animal Hospital started in the year 2004.

Prepare yourself to get amazed and entertained in this mesmerizing destination, home of the Crocodile Hunter. From elephants to lemurs and a rhinoceros that enjoys his tummy being rubbed, this is a place where milestone birthday will be marked by the wild things. Pack up your bags and hop onto the plane to come across one of the most enthralled experiences. One is left in awe at the assortment of exotic creatures that exist around us. Your day will be the ultimate wildlife adventure at the Australian Zoo for sure.