There may be times when you travel that you will feel like bringing your walking cane with you. Also called a walking stick or a trekking pole, this piece of equipment helps you balance whenever you are walking. This is particularly helpful when you are recuperating from an injury, have poor balance, or your knees cannot support you like when you are younger. It is also possible for you even if you are young and do not have an injury and perfect balance to use a walking stick.

The problem for travellers using walking canes is when they travel out of the country. You might go on a trip abroad that will require you to bring one along as the tour package involves a mountain trek. During a tour, you will surely have your own share of walking to the different tourist attractions of a country or city that is really helpful to bring one along. Walking canes are long and sometimes can be subject of scrutiny by airport security officials.

Some will allow you to bring it with you while others will require you to have it placed in your checked in baggage. Newer canes can now be folded and easily stored in your suitcase.

For many travellers, the walking cane is a tool that supports their weight or uses it to clear bushes to see the path or trail. It is also used to check the depth of the mud, stream or puddles and to feel the path. It can also be used to ward off wild animals.

In general, a walking stick is used for support and even if you are in a new city, it will provide you the necessary support you need. Touring a city, even if it is paved, may require some getting used to and a cane can be something that will help you feel out the road, sidewalks and paths of the city. It will help you walk around the city. The tendency is that during a tour you will get tired of all the walking. Having three feet on the ground will certainly ease the pressure of your feet. This means that after the tour you can still have a tour of your own and get to know the city more intimately.

Travelling with a walking stick certainly has lots of benefits. It is also a good upper body exercise when you walk with a stick with you as you pump your arms more when you are carrying a cane.

Walking canes, staffs, or poles can be an essential part of your travelling experience. It can also be fashionable. These items aren’t just for those who are having a hard time walking or those that really need to use it because of balance issues.

Even if you are perfectly healthy, using a cane or a stick while you walk is perfectly fine. It will even improve the quality of your walk, meaning getting the most out of your walk as a form of exercise, enjoyment or therapy.