If you hate the very thought of the cramped and crowded surrounds of economy class, but don’t think you can afford the spacious serenity of business class, then think again because cheap business class flights are not akin to pixies and hobbits. Indeed cheap business class flights are as real as you and me and you don’t have to be Frodo find one.

In fact there exists a number of ways to get your hands on the precious business class flight, not one of which involves a run-in with scary shadowy horsemen or relentless treks across rocky terrain.

1. Flight Sales – okay the first and most obvious way to score a cheap business class flight is to get one that is on sale. You can subscribe to a number of discount flight websites that will notify you of cheap business class flights. You can also subscribe to business class airlines such as the ones listed below, and you may be surprised to find you can score a cheap business class flight, direct from the source. a. QANTAS b. Singapore Airlines c. Cathay Pacific d. Emirates e. Air New Zealand f. British Airways g. Virgin Australia h. Etihad

2. The “AKA Business Class” Flight – what is business class when its not called business class? It is a similar class of flight, often provided by a low-cost airline, but also by the business class airlines, offering many of the benefits of the proper business class flight, without the proper price tag. You get a little more room and a little better service, for only a little more cash.

3. Frequent Flyers – many airlines have now partnered with various businesses and banks to produce the revolution that is the Frequent Flyer card. An example is the QANTAS Frequent Flyers program that allows members to earn points whenever they make a purchase with one of their frequent flyer partners, and before you know it you will have earned yourself enough points to land yourself a business class flight (or at least part thereof).

4. Package Deals – if you’re in the market for a package deal, then this is the one of the best opportunities to land yourself a cheap business class flight. While you’re doing your research into the deals available for your particular destination, take the time to have a look at the deals including business class flights. Now and again you may be surprised to find that the upgrade option, including a business class flight, may only cost a little more than the economy class package and it will be money well spent.

5. Sweet Smiles – some people have the gift of the gab, others have been blessed with charm or charisma. No matter what your special power of persuasion is, use it to get yourself a cheap business class flight. There’s no point being backwards in coming forwards – if you want a cheap business class flight, then simply ask for it. The worst that could happen is that your travel agent knocks you back, but then again you could also score yourself business class flight by simply having the gumption to request one.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile sweetly and say please.