Srinagar is the Capital City of the State of Jammu and Kashmir of India.  It is a City of Perfect Splendour and Wonder.  Situated on the Picture Perfect Valley of Kashmir at an altitude of 1730 Meters from Sea Level it is One of the Splendid Hill Stations of India .  As Srinagar is a city speckled up with Magnificent Lakes, Chirping Rivers, Purple Gardens, etc, it is called ‘The City of Lakes and Gardens of India’.


Its major Attractions are Dal Lake, Wular Lake, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Gardens, etc.

It also has various Tempting Temples like Shankaracharya Temple, Ganesh Temple, Marvellous Mosques like Hazratbal Mosque, Jama Masjid, etc,.that worth visiting.

Wular Lake

Stretching out for 189 sq. m. and with  length of  16 km, breadth of 10 km and depth of 14 km it is the Largest Fresh Water Lake of Asia located between the towns of Bandipora and Sopore, about 32 km from Srinagar.  Sixty percent of  fish of Kashmir is procured from this Lake  and about 10,000 fishermen depends upon it for their daily breads highlight the plain truths as to how important it is for Kashmir.

Dal Lake

With  a length of 8 km and width of 4 km spread over 26 sq. km  it is the Second Largest Lake of Kashmir. And it is divided into two, small (lokut) and big (bod).  Its shore is fertile and as such it is used for cultivation of willows, potato, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, radish, etc.  Its Three Sides are enveloped by majestic mountains, numerous gardens, orchards, etc.

Its Unique Feature is its Houseboats which are Floating Comfortable Houses to inhabit by lake in peace and comforts.  The soothing and sizzling movements of Houseboats along the Lake would make you crazy and lazy.

University of Kashmir is also located on its shore.

Its Floating Market offers everything from fruits to woolen blankets

Nishat Bagh

Built on the East Part of Dal Lake and with an area of 548 meters by 338 meters it is the Largest Mughal Garden of Kashmir and the other two Main Mughal Gardens are Shalimar Garden and Cheshma Shahi Garden..’Nishat Bagh’ means ‘The Garden of  Joy’.  Designed by Asaf  Khan, elder brother of Nur Jahan in 1633 it is situated on the banks of  Dal Lake. 

Shalimar Garden

This is a Temptress  Terrace Garden located on the shore of Dal Lake and with 539 meters by 182 meters intersected by sensuous streams it is the Second Largest Mughal Garden after Nishat Bagh..  During autumn and spring the Garden presents vast arrays and varieties of colourful flowers.  And to watch the wonderful blossoming of colourful flowers Tourists from Different Parts of the World come here.  It is situated 11 km from Srinagar Airport.

Chesmashahi Bagh.

Created by Emperor Shajahan in 1632 it is also called Royal Garden.  With 108 meters x 38 meters it is the smallest of the Three Mughal Gardens  It has some springs in Garden that have medicinal properties.  It also has many fountains waterfalls, an aqueduct, etc, to delight you.

Other Attraction

Another Wonderful Attraction that you may experiment with in Srinagar is Boat Ride called ‘Shikara Ride’ and ‘Shikara’ type of boat is the ‘Symbol of Kashmir.

How To Reach

By Air

The Nearest Airport is Srinagar located approximately 12 km from city.

By Rail

The Nearest Railway Station is Jammu, about 305 km.

By Road

It is well connected to major cities of India.

Davis  Akkara