Goa, a Spectacular Tourist Destination


Goa is situated in the West Coast, Off Arabian Sea, in the Southern Part of India.


Melting Pot of  Natural Beauty


It is a land of crystal pristine water, revitalizing environment and melting pot of natural beauty.  If her cuddling winds will lift you up to the air of joy on the one hand, on the other her cool breeze will take you to the top of the hill station of your dream.  Similarly if her roaring waves will inject fresh energies into your veins, her soft wafts will give you re-birth.


Spectacular Tourist Destination


Her coastal location has gifted her up with over 50 miles of splendid beaches that have made her a Spectacular Tourist Destination. Her whole area is covered up with coconut and palm groves to give you cool greenery, scenery and company.  Her beaches are full of life…  Fun and frolic for fun lovers, water sports for sports addicts, shacks for gourmets, sea food maniacs, etc.  She also offers   recreation, entertainment, shopping, etc, facilities in plenty. Her carnivals are other arenas for enjoyments, amusements, etc.




Some of her beaches that worth visiting are Anjuna, Arambol, Baga, Chapora, Chopdem, etc, in North Goa and Agonda, Bambolim, Colva, Dona Paula, Majorda, Miramar, Palolem, etc, in South Goa.  Whether located in north or south her beaches are very enchanting and exciting.


Land of ‘Four S’ and more


Goa could be called ‘the Land of  Four ‘S’, Sun, Sand, Surf and Sea.  Truly  her captivating sun - rises and and sun - sets will motivate you not to leave her.  Her marvellous, soft sands will mesmerize you to be their inhabitants for ever.  Her embracing surfs will make you sit before them for hours and hours together.  And the cool breeze of her azure seas will sway you to extend your stay, months after months and years after years.  


Goa is more than the four s.  The entire region is brim with beautiful  Churches, Temples, Forts, World Heritage Sites,  Wildlife Sanctuaries, Museums, etc.




To merge with the glamour of Goa  you have to explore her landscapes in her interior  villages. And to make matters easy for you in this respect villagers  offer their rooms to you to experience the rustic life and culture of Goa.  And that too not at high tariffs.


Her landscape is full of lush, plush green paddy fields, fringed with singing palm trees, dancing green hills, smiling, streams, etc. Your life in the Villages of Goa will be peaceful and will never be hectic or chaotic as in cities.  You can hire vehicles at lesser rates to move about to visit places of your interests.  To top them all people are very friendly.  And their friendliness will make you feel at home though you may be far away from your home.


Davis   Akkara