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Main Attractions of Puri Beach
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By Davis Akkara
Published on 13th May, 2011
Main Attractions of Puri Beach are its Beach, Beach Festival. etc. It is a Happening Beach and its Happenings would amaze you. Its Beach Festival is a wonderful and colourful event and you have to experience it to understand its wonder and colour.

Main Attractions of Puri Beach

Main Attractions of Puri Beach

Puri Beach is located approximately 65 km from Bhubaneshwar, the Capital City of the State of Orissa, India and its Main Attractions are its Beach, Beach Festival, etc.

Puri Beach

It is situated opposite Marine Parade and it is one of the fabulous beaches of Orissa. It is a clean, calm, warm and a non-crowded beach and hence you can have the whole stretch of it for yourself.  Its soft sands would only tempt you to attempt to walk around it and once and when you do so you would be elated to find  waters of Bay of Bengal kissing your feet.  It is a happening beach and therefore the happenings that happen right in front of you would amaze you.  Some of them are the purification dips undertaken by devotees in its waters, the carving out of  wonderful sand sculptures, by expert sculptors, etc. 

It is also venue for the Wonderful and Colourful  Puri Beach Festival.

Beach of Purification Dips

Hindus believe that if they take dips in the holy waters of Puri Beach they get released from their unholy baggage of sins and hence you could find a large number of devotees taking dips in the beach.

Sand Sculptures

Another splendid visual that you would witness would be the beautiful Sand Sculptures created by Sculptors. Their creations would revolve around the heroisms of  the heroes, heroines, etc, of the present day.  Also you would find creations of  Gods, Goddesses, etc, of mythologies, Gods, etc, portrayed  on the walls of temples, etc.

Sun-set watching

Local fishermen offer their services to take you in their catamarans to enable you to watch the magnificent sun-sets.

Puri Beach Festival

It is modeled on the Goa Festival, another Famous and Popular Festival of India.

It is held over a period of Five Days in November and its Venue is Puri Beach.  During these days the Beach is re-created  into a colourful platform to highlight and exhibit Crafts, Cuisines, Cultures, etc, of Orissa.

It showcases Cultural Events, Rock Concerts, Fashion Shows,  Classical Dances, Folk Dances,  etc, of Orissa, of other  parts of India, etc.  They are of high standards and as such it attracts tourists from all over the world and therefore it could be called an International Festival. 

Organised by Hotel and Restaurant Association of Orissa in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Department  of Tourism, Government of Orissa, etc, it attracts a large number of patrons from every nook and corner of the globe.


You can shop for handicrafts, brass materials, wood carvings, stone carvings, handloom sarees, shell items, bangles, etc, at  Marine Drive Road, Near Jagannatha Temple, etc..

The Best Time to Visit


How to reach

By Air

The Nearest Airport, Bhubaneshwar, 65 km

By Rail

The Nearest Railway Station, Puri

By Road

It has an excellent network of roads.

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