by Stella Lee 05:56 AM Feb 15, 2011 SINGAPORE - Shipping percentages for the transporting industry will rise this holiday season on the back of higher sea insurance fees, driven by means of concerns over prolonged incidents concerning piracy off the sea-coast of Eastern side Africa together with the recent political unrest in the Middle East. An average huge carrier valued at US$50 million dollars ($64 , 000 , 000) will pay an estimated extra quote of US$50, 000 for a month. Shipping experts are saying shipowners who bear the insurance policy rates are passing away the bulk of those to the shipliner service providers, by charging them much larger freight payments. Shipping liners, on their part, are improbable to absorb these additional pricing, it means that the higher freight fees may be forwarded to clientele, not to mention develop inflation witout a doubt increasing. Singapore's inflation was in fact Four.6 percent in December last year, its fastest grow in couple of years, it really is supposed to get higher further more this year. Egypt's Suez Canal, that joins the Mediterranean Sea together with the Red Sea, will now be considered to be a "higher dangers area" by marine insurers. Most of Asian shippers would carry many of these higher premiums as the majority of commerce from Asia to European goes over by the Suez Canal almost daily. Mister Teddy Tsai, deputy president of research at DnB Nor Bank, stated: "Cargo cover will probably be influenced by huge events all over the world. Last season, we got things like the Korean rocket test and stuff like that, most of these things is going to continue on this season." Maritime insurance companies can be contending with the phenomenon pertaining to ascending piracy. Pirates promoted a record number of 1,181 hostages just last year, as stated in International Maritime Bureau's Piracy Reporting Center. "There isn't a doubt that other sorts of war-risk payments while in the piracy-prone domains are integrated. The normal container transporter is faced with a great deal as US$30, 000 up to US$40, 000 more costs, going through the piracy area", said Rickmers Trust CEO Thomas Preben Hansen. A representative for the General Insurance Association of Singapore declared there are two principal types of marine insurance - cargo and then hull insurance. The GIA added that piracy and hijacking worries may have amplified effect on hull as opposed to cargo insurance and, more often than not, ship proprietors had to accept much more insurance charges. This is particularly when the piracy involves the kidnapping of the captain and crew.