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Famous Australians...
Craig Cleal
Im just here to help travellers to Australia, have the best , most memorable experiences in our great country. If i can assist, please contact me. 
By Craig Cleal
Published on 29th December, 2010
Famous Australians
If you haven't visited a few of these famous places - you haven't fully enjoyed Australia...
These famous Australians always put on a good show

Our Famous Australians

Around the world, Australia is a very well recognised "brand". And what has set us apart from other countries, is our unique culture and the awesome landmarks that say - "You know me, im Australian" . From the worlds oldest living people, to our animals and magnificent natural and man-made marvels, Australia is a holiday destination like no other.With Ayers Rock (Uluru) in the Northern Territory, to the Opera House in Sydney - Australia is blessed with many well identified destinations, that are a must see for Australians, and visitors the world over.
Come and enjoy our Australian icons - there is nothing else like them in the world...
Bungle Bungles
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