Melbourne serviced offices are executive suites or spaces in the city of Melbourne in Victoria. Thee suites of spaces are offices or full office buildings which are already fully managed and equipped by a facility management company. These facility management companies are specialist in the area of maintenance and care for institutional and commercial buildings which even include virtual programming, which they then rent out to other companies, often by floor. For this reason, Melbourne serviced offices are often called managed offices, executive centres or business centres and are often located in the city’s business districts like the Melbourne City Centre.


There are many companies offering Melbourne serviced offices in the city with more flexible rates as opposed to leased offices which you would still need to furnish with expensive equipments. Most of these Melbourne serviced offices are also very flexible in terms of your business’ space requirements, allowing for adjustments in it to be easily changed to your needs as opposed to leased offices. The concept behind why these serviced offices can operate very flexibly is their ability to function at reduced costs having their tenants being able to share the overall office and equipment expenses.


The Melbourne serviced offices has a steady stream of clients which includes businesses that are headquartered in far regions of Australia or even abroad and who needs a presence in the city. Another steady client is are small to medium businesses who are just starting up and are not ready to make a long term financial commitment through a lease just yet. These startup businesses can benefit much from the reduce costs that Melbourne serviced offices offer. Other steady clients are big businesses with much overflow that they would need temporary office spaces for three to six months and wouldn’t really want to invest on a long term and expensive setup.


Also, some businesses which may be in the process of transitioning may require a temporary business set up that they afforded by these Melbourne serviced offices. Project based clients are also big on Melbourne serviced offices like production teams and such. These serviced offices typically render administrative support, telecom services and IT connectivity. Most of these offices come complete with conference rooms, heating (or air conditioning), full time security, meeting rooms, furniture and even insurance. This is what makes these Melbourne serviced offices very popular, their great benefits.


Some of these benefits include low startup costs, flexible leasing terms, immediate activity, prestigious addresses, building maintenance, support staff and even receptionist availability, business centre access and complete furnishing among others. Still, some businesses do not prefer to go with Melbourne serviced offices due to their being generic and unbranded; some dislike the higher monthly costs they generate as opposed to conventional leased spaces. Serviced offices date back to as early as he 1980’s originally in the US and spreading to other countries like the UK and eventually Australia. If you have your own business in Melbourne, then it may do you good to consider moving to serviced office yourself.