Don’t despair if you don’t think you can afford a holiday this year – there is always a way!  Everyone likes to have a travelling companion and it is ideal if you travel well together. So many people have best friends and when they travel together find that they are not really that compatible when travelling.


One of the new trends in travel at the moment is not only generational travel but also getting groups of friends together with like minded interests and putting together a package to save some money on your holiday.


If you manage to get 10 or more people this can become a group booking and you can get substantial savings on your airfares and  hotel bookings.  The best part of travelling in a group also is that we can tailor make the holiday to what everyone wants to experience.  You can have your own transport and guide if there are enough of you to warrant this.


You can put together a themed holiday such as a Spa experience where you travel to a destination and experience the different spas in that destination.  This type of holiday you can actually promote to your friends and then ensure that you get a good number joining the fun.


The price becomes less with the more people travelling so it is in your interest to get at least 10 people to take on the savings.  This can also work as I mentioned with generational travel.  You can do the same type of idea with your family, maybe one Christmas talk to the family about having Christmas in an exotic destination, your siblings, parents, grandparents and even aunts and uncles and cousins.  This gives everyone a holiday but you are still enjoying time together at Christmas in a different destination which makes it far more exciting for everyone.


A special birthday or anniversary can also be a great time to look at this style of travel, put it out to your friends and family and get everyone excited about not only a holiday but time together sharing many wonderful experiences.


A word of warning, always ensure that everyone agrees on the destination and everyone is happy  travelling in a group, you don’t want to ruin friendships or have family dramas because of different expectations.


Having booked a lot of this style of travel my recommendation would be in these uncertain times don’t cancel your holidays think outside the square and get everyone together and do it cheaper for everyone and ensure you have the right travel agent that takes on the challenge giving you ideas and negotiates the right price, this is what they are good at and have the relationships with the suppliers to do this.  There are always ways to still afford a holiday.