Since campervans and motorhomes popped into the tourism industry, I kind of like the way it has advanced the world of traveling, their capacity is almost like freedom.

While the best for me is traveling through a campervan hire especially with a country like OZ, the idea of renting a campervan rocks! Some travelers would prefer hiring a regular automobile or jump into tour companies. That's doesn't sound adventurous enough does it? See RV Rentals to check out a full range of vehicles.

Hiring a regular automobile works for me too, but now, for the sense of having more exploration and unique experience. I'm loving the days on a campervan it helps a lot in many ways, I would like to highlight the best advantage of all - experience + cost effectiveness.

Hiring a regular automobile is cheaper until you leave the depot, with a campervan hire I can sleep and cook meals in it. Although I'm no good cook, but I can hunt some great stuff from the grocery and with the help of the campervan's mini kitchen I can have the taste.

Its really different that the usual experience that I have had, when you park at a campground you will meet fellow campers and they are great to learn from or share stories with, and even a some beers! Or perhaps, I wanted things to be different, as campervans cannot be parked at the hotel's parking lot or the like, you can do free camping or find a campervan site to hook it.

Campervans or Motorhomes are supposed to be in campgrounds, which is totally different from that of the hotel. Campgrounds has more of the outdoor touch, a number of campgrounds these days are stepping on the higher end featuring fancy pools, recreations and even luxury accommodations. Sometimes when campervanning you do not really want to limit yourself with what it can offer.

With a campervan hire, I won't need to unpack and repack my luggage, I can also clutch my bicycle or surfboard on it if I intend to do more fitness! We'll whatever, but campervanning blows heaps of sense, park close to the river, the beach or the forest. Its just the new way I like.