Although Port Hedland is one of the place in Australia to provide the clearest sky, it experiences rainy days as there can only be two the wet season and the dry season. The West season begins in December and ends around June making January the month of rain 9 not so good to go for outdoor adventures). Dry season runs from July November which is just an excellent time to spend in Port Hedland especially through campervan. If you are heading to Port Hedland on its dry season and probably eyeing on Broome after Port Hedland then you would definitely need a motorhome that is fully airconditioned. Sunblocks during the dry season would be a great friend. For this trip, consider driving one and a half hour drive northeast to the Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve, found on picturesque beach with pristine white sands to spend a night, two or more. Do swimming, fishing, tramping, sunset seeing, camping, and mud cabs to taste. While there are still so much to offer. With a motorhome hire you can get more of Port Hedland before heading anywhere else.