Before leaving Kawakawa we spent a good lunch just across the road from the Hundertwasser and the food were really delicious I mean It looked a lot like a coffee shop and It wasn't on my expectation that they'd serve foods that well. I couldn't say anything against the staff, they accommodate their diners well and it seems they have loyal customers or perhaps they get used to tourist visiting the Hundertwasser.

Kawakawa is 16 kms to Paihia we follow SH11 to Paihia the gateway to the Bay of Islands as it is a home of 144 spectacular islands of the Bay. You can imagine a place surrounded by tourist and vacationers.  You will never run out of activities in Paihia there are golf courses but it wasn't that interesting for us to do since we were more about the bay itself. There are plenty of accommodations from backpackers to family renters, but we were up to look for campgrounds for our motorhome (motorhome rental new-zealand) and we got a good one along Puketona Road. Paihia was a great place after our beach buffets all the way from Warkworth. We went kayaking up the Waitangi River to Haruru Falls and it turned out so fun and really an awesome  experience we were kind of soaked because of the crazy things we did while kayaking. We spent the rest of the day walking through the bays and the taking advantage of the smell of the mangroves greeting us along the way as we would not be smelling it back home in Australia.

We began the next day with a short cruise on the Bay of Islands and plenty of speedy boats are boarded with tourist exploring the bay too. Passing on the hole of the rock was nice it wasn't that thrilling though because rode a medium sized speed boat. It was more joyful to see dolphins, plenty of dolphins I could have stretched my had to touch them if we had a smaller boat. There are several remote islands on the bay that I wished to explore the rest behind its golden sand and calm trees.